Greetings, GoComics friends. Today I would like to highlight the 6th most-read comic of 2017.

As you've no doubt figured out by now, it's the very first Big Nate. I have a hard time believing that Big Nate was started in 1991. Doesn't it seem like a super new comic? Maybe that's testament to the straight-outta-Maine freshness of its creator Lincoln Peirce.

Here at GoComics, we have seen an influx of Big Nate readers this year and they have become a vocal and active group over at I think that explains the surge of readership back to the first Nate. Maybe because they know Nate from his books and they wanted to see how different he looked 27 years ago? Maybe? Seems like a great way to spend an afternoon to me.

Now it's time for Big Nate Fun Facts!

1) Big Nate has sold more than 6 million books (Wow!)

2) Big Nate has been adapted into a musical

3) If you rearrange the letters in Big Nate you get GNAT, BE I (coincidence? doubtful)

4) There are more than 9,000 Big Nate comics! (hand tired yet, LP?)

5) Unnamed sources say Paul McCartney "adores Big Nate"

Thanks for stopping by!