Compu-toon by Charles Boyce for October 23, 2009

  1. Foxhound1
    bald  about 14 years ago

    that’s what i didn’t like about the computers where i worked, for security reasons we were required to change our passwords every 3 months, and we were not allowed to use them over again in any calendar year

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  2. Dim2
    farren  about 14 years ago

    Pretty liberal password policy, there. I’ve been in places where you had to change them every month, couldn’t use them again ever (although that’s obviously not right - they didn’t have infinite storage for old passwords), and they had to meet the company’s specific requirements, which meant that they basically were total gibberish. Super high security can be a bitch.

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  3. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  about 14 years ago

    Mean I can’t use my dogs name?

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