About Curses

Wilma’s neighbors have forced her and her family to move away from civilization and seek refuge in a small cottage in the woods. All because Wilma turned their children into mice when they annoyed her!

In their new home, Wilma and her brother, Edwin, meet other outcasts such as Pixel the tech-addicted fairy, Keith the musical ghost, and their reclusive neighbor, Mr. Foot. Wilma’s new friends try their best to help Wilma overcome her temper, but their various eccentricities make patience a real challenge!   

Chelsea Bio:

Like Wilma, Chelsea lives in the middle of nowhere with her family. Unlike Wilma, Chelsea has three chickens, two kids, and one husband. Chelsea has always loved comics and has been drawing them since she could hold a pencil. In addition to Curses! Chelsea has had cartoons published by The New Yorker, MAD Magazine and Disney. She also draws editorial cartoons for her local newspaper, The Aegis. When she’s not making comics, Chelsea works as an art teacher!

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