Dark Side of the Horse by Samson for September 23, 2010

  1. Phantomhead
    sutirtho  over 13 years ago

    too much for the horse to remember…

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  2. Missing large
    Elle123  over 13 years ago

    The Horse is totally my new favourite comic strip creature!

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  3. Missing large
    shel4  over 13 years ago

    It’s getting better or I’m getting used to it. Probably the latter.

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  4. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  over 13 years ago

    I like the strip. I think he will get very unconventional.

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  5. Bob 65
    Droptma Styx  over 13 years ago

    That bird must post on every web board I follow. You know - the Grammar Cop?

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  6. Amnesia
    Simon_Jester  over 13 years ago

    “But now that I’m a stallion…”


    “SHUT UP!!”

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  7. New bomb logo sherpa
    madbristowart  over 13 years ago

    Alright, my dam mom… I want my dam mom. yeeesh…

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  8. Blacksilver lj icon
    hossblacksilver  over 13 years ago

    Birdy is about to get smacked for using that language.

    @Simon Jester: winces Owie.

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  9. Sherpa avatar
    policelimit Premium Member over 13 years ago

    The Gocomics crowd is finally starting to see what a few of us already knew, DSOTH rocks the casbah!

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  10. Avatar02
    jpozenel  over 13 years ago

    How can anyone not like a horse that stands up and walks around on his hind legs? He’s almost human.

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  11. Danart
    DanielBeyer  over 13 years ago

    This dark horse wins, places and shows.

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  12. Polar bear
    Ice_Bear66  over 13 years ago

    @ jtpozenel- Yes, as long as he pays his ‘brain bill’, he’ll be fine. Otherwise, he reverts back to an ordinary black horse.

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  13. Waving flag
    Trainwreck_1  over 13 years ago

    …For a horse that’s only been around for a short while he’s got some age on him if he predates the internet? But not so old as to still want his Mommy.

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  14. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member over 13 years ago

    He can’t help it. His family was unstable.

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