Dark Side of the Horse by Samson for September 27, 2010

  1. Zippy56995996595959995956959599956956599569511111122222333333
    Hugh B. Hayve  about 13 years ago

    Try alcohol, works for me. I had to do a double take there, because I remember the middle strip, and realized Samuli is posting multiples from the archive. Thanks, now I can catch up on the ones I missed!

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  2. Large dd2
    zero  about 13 years ago

    Neighbor to my left introduced himself by shining lawn mower headlights(!)into my bedroom window, while mowing at 9P. BTW his leaf blower sounds exactly like a dentist drill. He also owns guns. I have none of those items….

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  3. Smiley
    Alison84  about 13 years ago

    Hate to say it, but Horace’s being a bit of a hypocrite. He *is* using his leaf blower and wearing headphones, so likely he’s making a bit of noise, too.

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  4. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  about 13 years ago

    Samson, I foresee a long and happy relation between us.

    Now for the comments:

    What Un American idiot would buy an imported leaf blower when there are unemployed teenagers to slave for you? Better for the economy, ecology, and most important, my nap.

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  5. Missing large
    shel4  about 13 years ago

    I think maybe the horse and I live in the same neigh-borhood!

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  6. Amnesia
    Simon_Jester  about 13 years ago

    His neighbor must be another stallion.

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  7. Eyes photos  candy by rawrrrr 321saramaocom
    kaypax21  about 13 years ago

    this comic is not funny, it is sad

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