Dark Side of the Horse by Samson for December 02, 2011

  1. W12
    chris_weaver  over 11 years ago

    You can’t rest with it, you can’t rest without it!

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  2. Amnesia
    Simon_Jester  over 11 years ago

    Well you know….Tommy Chong never rests until he’s had HIS morning pot.

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  3. Intraining
    InTraining  over 11 years ago

    With DeCaff…. you can rest… but with regular….. it’s not likely….! ! !.Either way, start by treating the bird…. to pepper spray…..! ! !.

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  4. Monte the friesian wallpaper a5roi
    Heima  over 11 years ago

    Where’s the rest of the story?

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  5. Right here
    Sherlock Watson  over 11 years ago

    His bladder certainly won’t get any rest.

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  6. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  over 11 years ago

    Were it Doc Toon’s Nuclear Coffee, he might not rest for a week!

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  7. Emma on her wheel
    coffeemugman  over 11 years ago

    Say Samuli, have you considered creating a stop-motion short piece, two minutes (1,440 frames at 24 fr. sec.). Something like at a dinner party, and Horace wants to liven things up…much to Melody’s embarrassment.

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  8. Avatar 2013
    samuli creator over 11 years ago

    Next DSotH on Monday.

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  9. Eclipse collage
    The Hammer Premium Member over 11 years ago

    Whoa! Monday? DSotH is part of my morning coffee. There goes the weekend……………..

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