Dark Side of the Horse by Samson for March 30, 2012

  1. Picture 1
    DamnHappyChappy  almost 12 years ago

    Never saw that one coming but neither did Humpty I guess.

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  2. Self
    featherweight  almost 12 years ago


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  3. Missing large
    RonaldDavis  almost 12 years ago

    I hope Samson reads this, so I can tell him it’s brilliant. It freaks me out even worse than Alien.

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  4. Funny pictures cat is very cute
    A. Buckeye  almost 12 years ago

    Love it!!!!

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  5. Chickadee 8
    Wallaby  almost 12 years ago


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  6. Snow sez avatar
    T. Shepherd creator almost 12 years ago

    EGGstremely awesome animation! It cracked me up! :)

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  7. Snow sez avatar
    T. Shepherd creator almost 12 years ago

    Seriously, Great job – as always!

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  8. Missing large
    Lou  almost 12 years ago

    Pretty funny – almost not worth the wait though.

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  9. Missing large
    ChazNCenTex  almost 12 years ago


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  10. Little b
    Dani Rice  almost 12 years ago

    No such thing as a healthy tan!

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  11. Imagesca66di1a
    Thehag  almost 12 years ago

    Ah! Ha ha ha haha ha.good one.The wait is what makes it that much better. Anticipation is good.

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  12. Mysmiley
    Pickles 5202  almost 12 years ago


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  13. 5346ae65734b4d0e82350407ef0d8e00 250
    cleokaya  almost 12 years ago

    Must be a Florida gator.

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  14. Heraldexaminer jiggs
    Buzza Wuzza  almost 12 years ago

    not just kookie, big time kookiecool and funny too

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  15. Rocket scientist custom invites r535292a0f09249799a8e9c21a51f6581 8dnd0 8byvr 512
    rocketscientist  almost 12 years ago

    I see others got a bit of an “Alien” vibe from this…

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  16. Img 7448
    Happy, happy, happy!!! Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    this one gets a big thumbs up from me Mr. Samson.: D

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  17. Gocomics avitar
    Nate Fakes creator almost 12 years ago

    Fantastic as usual, sir!

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  18. Dgp 61
    DavidGBA  almost 12 years ago

    The egg came first, but did not have a chicken in it.

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  19. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  almost 12 years ago

    Humpty dumpty laid on the sand.

    Humpty dumpty got nicely tanned.

    But all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

    Couldn’t fix Humpty’s tummy again.

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  20. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    So that’s why Humpty is so big. He must have been laid by Godzilla.

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  21. Onion pea icon
    David Tomaselli Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    Very good one!

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  22. Lotr
    libbydog  almost 12 years ago

    I didn’t see that coming either – so funny!

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  23. Monte the friesian wallpaper a5roi
    Heima  almost 12 years ago

    Totally uneggspected ending. Laughing so hard I am crying. Thanks Samson, its another keeper.

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  24. Drwhape
    DraculasCupboard  almost 12 years ago

    Love it! Definite LOL :)

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  25. D4a5a14f f69d 431f a7b7 321b5406dd5d
    Jkiss  almost 12 years ago

    Well done sir.

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  26. Right here
    Sherlock Watson  almost 12 years ago

    Hard-boiled drama.

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  27. Missing large
    unidyne  almost 12 years ago

    Best laugh I’ve had all day! Thank you!

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  28. Blacksilver lj icon
    hossblacksilver  almost 12 years ago

    Something I wrote originally for B’silverWe all know the story about that great wallAnd how tipsy ol’ Dumpty had his great fallBut of all the king’s horses and all the king’s menWhich of these groups does Horace fit in?

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  29. Missing large
    js  almost 12 years ago

    So, to sum up: in a while, a crocodile. Or a dragon. Or a flamingo with a skin condition.

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  30. 1d3fbef1 7cf8 471e b31a 25de085f1923
    Phil (full phname Philip Philop)  about 5 years ago

    Hard-boiled beachgoer.

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  31. Missing large
    jetblast3500  almost 4 years ago

    I loved how Humpty was all bandaged up and looking good at the end.

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