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These are the days of the week… with your host, Dave! Dave will be your guide as we celebrate every national ‘whatever’ day it is, usually focusing on the silly ones. And some of the more obscure days. Dave’s goal is to give you a laugh and maybe even… make your day!

Dave’s work has appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Politico, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal and Highlights. He has illustrated over 50 books, including 4 for Robert Munsch. Dave has written a few too, including the Oddrey series, My Think-a-ma-jink and Rosie’s Glasses. Dave’s daily syndicated comic, Reality Check, which has appeared internationally in newspapers and online since 1995. His editorial cartoons are syndicated with Cagle Cartoons. Awards include 2 Blue Spruce awards, a Silver Birch and 7 Silver Reuben awards from the National Cartoonists Society. His former high school chose him for a Hall of Fame award (which was a huge honor... and super weird).

Dave graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1987 and later taught 3rd and 4th year Advanced Illustration there for 9 years.

Dave has loved to draw and write stories since he was a kid. His parents would buy huge rolls of newsprint and hang them in the halls. Dave would fill them up with drawings, then they would buy more and he would fill it up again.

He also drew in the margins of his math homework. Now he draws for a living and has accountants do the math.

Dave also loved to make people laugh. When he told people he wanted to be a cartoonist, they all laughed. But there’s no one laughing now! Which isn’t a good thing, being a cartoonist.

Fun facts: Dave often orders at the drive thru in Homer Simpson’s voice. His kids love it.

Hidden talents: Dave is a huge klutz but can catch anything he drops or knocks over with ninja like reflexes.

Guilty pleasures: Kraft Dinner

Annoying habits: Dave (almost) never answers his phone. Because he is usually eating Kraft Dinner.

Dave can’t believe that he gets to wake up every morning and do what he loves for his job. He lives in Calgary with his wife, two kids and Aiko the wonder dog.


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