Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Charles Ettinger for June 08, 2009

  1. Emerald
    margueritem  almost 15 years ago

    Uh, to get rich on your dime, perhaps?

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  2. Warthog
    wndrwrthg  almost 15 years ago

    So Tracy rushed right back from B.O.s? Pick a locale and stick with it. Anyone dumb enough not to figure out the scheme deserves to be robbed.

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  3. Missing large
    mrbribery  almost 15 years ago

    I think everyone in this story has really been in the same room the whole time. Locher just shows one or two characters at any one time.

    A lot of people in this strip like to talk pointing one finger at the ceiling, don’t they?

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  4. 220px charles bowles aka black bart
    Steve Bartholomew  almost 15 years ago

    Yesterday KOC was talking to DT by cell phone. Perhaps he has mastered the art of teleportation? Sometimes I feel like pointing one finger at the ceiling myself.

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  5. Fosdick
    Fearless_Fosdick  almost 15 years ago

    I usually pick on Locher for having thing move too slowly. Tracy either got a rocket from Diet Smith, or he must have used the 2-way wrist holographic projector.

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  6. Dooley
    dstufff  almost 15 years ago

    We already know what the scheme is! How many times do we have to be told???

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  7. Paul
    LudwigVonDrake  almost 15 years ago

    Tracy teleports back and forth between Clubby and B.O.

    Now the explanation for Jackie letting B.O. win is, “for whatever reason”?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Mr. Locher…do us all a favor (including yourself) and RETIRE!!!!

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  8. Moa
    brine Premium Member almost 15 years ago

    I suppose this is what happens when you do Sundays and dailies out of sequence … we seem to have gone back in time or something.

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  9. Missing large
    andy.vaughn  almost 15 years ago


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  10. Odd spots 002
    sydney  almost 15 years ago

    barticle35 ,has it right. “Teleportation”! Must be a secret new feature on the Wrist Geenee. In Sunday’s strip Tracy was at Sunny Dell Acres on the phone talking to KOC. Then “POW” (sound of displaced air) Tracy is there “face to face”.

    And he still hasn’t called for “back up” for the Plenty’s yet

    The pointing up of the finger has been going on for years .I call the act “finger licking good” and in that mode we can celebrate the yellow rubber duckie’s departure. It’s gone !

    But sadly, today’s text, is all “repetition”, we’ve heard it twice before and Tracy is still waiting to find out about Big Ace The story, despite discrepancies is better than the last but is now wearing out it’s welcome

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  11. K schrag
    Karl Hiller Premium Member almost 15 years ago

    Why is BO explaining to Gertie that the bad guys didn’t get his money, when she’s the one who kept them from taking it?

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  12. Av 5363
    prasrinivara  almost 15 years ago

    kreniigh, perhaps BO is referring to the legalised varmints, aka “revenuers”?

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  13. Tracy
    coratelli  almost 15 years ago

    Tracy is the fastest man alive!

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  14. Garfield
    linsonl  almost 15 years ago

    Maybe Tracy bought one of Calvin’s inventions?

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  15. Missing large
    DonnieTevault  almost 15 years ago

    On top of everything else, has anyone else noticed how KOC always talks with his mouth completely closed? How does he do that?

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  16. Odd spots 002
    sydney  almost 15 years ago

    Perhaps he is a Ventriloquist (?)

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  17. Oddball
    Morrow Cummings  almost 15 years ago

    I’d hate to guess how many dummies are in this cast. BO and Gert seem to be the only smart ones there. Chubsy, could BO’s hat be a lampshade?

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  18. Watchmen minutemen
    SeatonStudios  almost 15 years ago

    For some reason, whenever I see B.O’s hat I see a small chunk of a skee ball machine.

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