Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Shelley Pleger for March 21, 2023

  1. Gcav
    Brian  Premium Member 9 months ago

    Dead-man’s Hand!

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  2. 500
    firestrike1  9 months ago

    I KNOW the storyline is boring when I can’t think of a dam-ned thing to comment on…

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  3. Neil2009
    Neil Wick  9 months ago

    Good morning™, everyone!

    The most interesting revelation today is that Flattop is not “the boss”! Any guesses about who is his boss?

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  4. Gibson guitar used by michael j. fox marty mcfly in back to the future 2 901x488
    avenger09  9 months ago

    So now we know,,, a few more days of all talk on a road trip until Team Kill Flatfoot! heads back to Tracyville.

    Oh, joy of it all!

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  5. Gibson guitar used by michael j. fox marty mcfly in back to the future 2 901x488
    avenger09  9 months ago

    Is Sam still awake or is he curled up in a quivering fetal position?

    Did Pat successfully make his getaway, leaving poor Sam to take the brunt of Tracy’s windbag style storytelling?

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  6. Images
    BreathlessMahoney77  9 months ago

    “We don’t want to wait too long to hit the bank, Flattop. The way things are going the bank could be shut down by the time we get to it.”

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  7. Large me   gaylord
    Gweedo -it's legal here- Murray  9 months ago

    Good morning™, double jobbers !

    Flattop likes the economy of “two for the price of one”. Zeck is too conservative. Good hand and cards layout in P.2.

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  8. Index
    GoComicsGo!  9 months ago

    First it’s Nero Wolfe, then a hit contract on Dick Tracy and a bank job. Now the possibility of the 52 gang if I read the third panel correctly.

    Mike’s trying to “outdo” the Dekko can’t decide which counterfeit scam storyline to go with isn’t he?

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  9. Idano
    Ida No  9 months ago

    Hmm. Was there a time in the past when the corner numbers of the Hearts and Diamonds cards were printed in black?

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  10. Missing large
    retropop  9 months ago

    “Aces and Eights” – The “Dead Mans” hand! Forshadowing…retroactivly…

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  11. Bucky1
    crobinson019  9 months ago

    Aces over Eights—Flattop has a Dead Man’s Hand. (Allegedly the same hand Bill Hickcock had when he was gunned down)

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  12. Vaw 78 squadron patch
    Kidon Ha-Shomer  9 months ago

    Dead man’s hand?

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  13. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member 9 months ago

    “Shaddap. The Boss said A bank, he(?) didn’t say which bank.”

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  14. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  9 months ago

    Harry Young, a bartender at the #10 Saloon in Deadwood, was present when Wild Bill Hickok was killed. In a 1915 book, Young claimed that Hickok lost his last hand to William Massie, Kings full to four 7s. but Hickok expert Joe Rosa doesn’t buy the Aces and Eights story either—nor any other claim about the cards Hickok held when he was shot. When Hickok slumped over, the cards scattered all over the place. the aces and eights version first appeared in 1926

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  15. Img 0090
    Another Take  9 months ago

    1-ED: I GOT NOTHIN’ FOLD! FLATTOP: You got exactly what I dealt you. ED: You said you wouldn’t cheat this hand!

    2-FLATTOP: I didn’t. I’m just one of those guys who makes his own luck! That’s supposed to be a good attribute to have. DAM! I slipped up! That Queen should’ve been an Eight!

    ED: Can we just play chess from now on? FLATTOP: Sure. At $500 a game. And all my pawns are in “Drag” which means they can all move like the Queen – that’s a real thing of course.

    ED: Sure it is. Lucky for you that we’re not in Florida…

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  16. Missing large
    Richard Klinzman Premium Member 9 months ago

    Anybody have an accurate count on how many “Kill Dick Tracy” stories we have had to endure? How about a petition demanding No More! We Long Timers deserve better. Hire us a writer!

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  17. Missing large
    watcheratthewell  9 months ago

    Aces & eights – - dead man’s hand

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  18. E46e9b2a affc 4f41 8fb7 ac6373e1ecb0
    mfrankstuck Premium Member 9 months ago

    I remember when Tracy shot flattop in the head. Comics were $.10 apiece around 1952.

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  19. Missing large
    Pen_alias  9 months ago

    I get the feeling they do these flashback story arcs just so they can bring back Flattop.

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  20. Photo
    WilliamVollmer  9 months ago

    I presume that, for purposes of this story, Zeck is the “boss.” But didn’t he just contract with Flattop to kill Tracy? And, what “Federal Bank”? The Federal Reserve? I guessing that in this story, the FBI didn’t have primary jurisdiction over bank robberies.

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  21. Picture 001
    rshive  9 months ago

    Isn’t that the famous “dead man’s hand”?

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  22. Rankin badge   tartan 2
    jrankin1959  9 months ago

    Who wants to play those eights and aces?

    Who wants a raise? Who needs a stake?

    Who wants to take that long-shot gamble,

    Head it out to Fire Lake?

    (Bob Seger)

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  23. Img 0090
    Another Take  9 months ago

    How many references do we need to “The Dead Man’s Hand”??? ONE! WE ONLY NEED ONE!

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  24. Yakko
    TheBigPickle  9 months ago

    Aces and eights…

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  25. Missing large
    rickmac1937 Premium Member 9 months ago

    Go get ‘em Flattop

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  26. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 9 months ago

    Well, one thing for sure, the boss isn’t B.O. Plenty…….

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  27. Missing large
    trainnut1956  9 months ago

    Not quite the “Deadman’s Hand” but almost…

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  28. 1385074 10151885271699330 772673905 n
    MooseBreathMints  9 months ago

    Oh course I loved the original Flattop Story-line. Isn’t he dead? How is he alive again? How many times did he die in this series?

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  29. Gibson guitar used by michael j. fox marty mcfly in back to the future 2 901x488
    avenger09  9 months ago

    My post where I had the audacity to critique Shelley today was removed.

    Guess we know who’s got the real juice on team Tracy! LOL!

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  30. Missing large  9 months ago


    “Where’d you learn to shoot like that?”

    “I was marble champion of the Bronx”

    Robert Armstrong&James Cagney—-G-MEN—1935

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  31. Missing large  9 months ago

    Just as the “Mister Memory”story was so we could see if Shelley could draw BO and Gertie right(she did),this one is soShelley can take a crack at “the Flat-Headed Moron”;as Gouldaffectionately called him.

    Wake me up when he’s going down for the third time.

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  32. 7
    Batster  9 months ago

    Just to clear up any remaining misconceptions:

    This story takes place in the past.

    And on the Moon.

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  33. Jiangchi icon
    Wichita1.0  9 months ago

    OT: Really depressed today. we were going for a Soul days a new (okay, used) second car and our insurance company refuses to cover the for several years’ run due to an issue. They were supposedly okay with having a fix added, but now they say KIA won’t approve second parties doing the install. No car.

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  34. 500
    firestrike1  9 months ago

    sorry I wasn’t out and about here on the board yesterday and today… yesterday morning, I had to take myself to LaGrange Adventist Hospital and check in at the ER pain section, as I was in such severe pain with my lower back and my right leg from upper thigh down to just under my knee… turns out I have a case of severe and acute sciatica resulting from my wearing a surgical shoe on one foot while wearing a diabetic shoe on the other for a month and a half, resulting in my walking in a sideways up and down gait like a penguin… the reason was that I underwent a shaving done further of a bone where I had an amputation of my left big toe, 10 years ago… over the years, a painful callous developed and an area had to be shaved down to relieve pressure pain there… shortly afterwards, I started developing the sciatic pain after a month and a half and decided to abandon the surgical shoe and resume wearing both diabetic shoes… and as a result of that, the sciatic pain increased to the point of moaning and groaning… my doc gave me hydrocodone and methylprednisolone, which helped for a bit until last night, where the excruciating pain had become just THAT… I went in and they gave me a stronger prednisone and a shot in my arm that I’ve never felt before, it BURNED like the devil and actually made me roar out in pain… and shots are nothing to me when I get them, but this was different… so as of now, I feel NO pain, but just a slight soreness, mostly at my upper thigh… but Dr, Larry Levon (a great guy who helped and was having a great time cracking up as he was listening to my bit of madness… yes, I AM this way in real-life and it’s NOT how I present myself here on the board alone) told me that all this treatment yesterday is only a mask for the condition and that I have to see a back specialist, as wearing that shoe jostled some of my nerves about in my back and leg… so I’m good now and just recovering after going thru some real hell with that pain…

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  35. Bill murray drink
    Eric S   9 months ago

    Aces and 8’s.. dead man’s hand.

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  36. Missing large  9 months ago

    Be with us tomorrow for “The Ghost Of Hawker Davis”.

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  37. Jiangchi icon
    Wichita1.0  9 months ago

    Got a call from Mike today, and he sounded really under the weather. I’m a little worried.

    I’m sure he’d appreciate some well wishes!

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  38. Photo
    Sporteric11   9 months ago

    He folded so why did Flattop reveal his hand ? When are the writers going to reveal their hand ? This is taking forever !!!

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  39. Picture
    IvanB.Cohen  9 months ago

    If the original plan is to hit the Federal bank, it seems to me a hit on Tracy became a distraction. Unless Flattop wants to double his profit margin.

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  40. Thinker
    Sisyphos  9 months ago

    I gather we can assume foreboding in Flattop’s holding some variant of the “Dead Man’s Hand.” Maybe this hit on the Federal Bank’s Tracyville branch will go sharply south and involve any of many possible bad turns for the Bad Guys, even though “we have a plan”….

    Meanwhile, is Nero Wolfe still eating well?

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  41. Missing large  9 months ago

    Lure Tracy to scene with showy bank robbery,then blast Dick as soon as he shows up.

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  42. Missing large
    jnd113  9 months ago

    Aces and eights, dead man’s hand.

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  43. Super bowel downtown 034
    AB9SS  8 months ago

    Well that man’s doomed. Aces & Eights! The dead-man’s hand!

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  44. The phantom reference book edition alfons germany june 2022 1
    Phantomfire 01  6 months ago

    Awesome plot twist, here!

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