Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North for February 07, 2023

  1. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  10 months ago

    Ah, but there’s the flaw in T’s logic…The Brady Bunch was a very popular show in its day, so the fact it went on to get follow-ups is just T’s argument being put precisely into argument. Just because the Brady Bunch doesn’t seem worthwhile to him NOW just because he wasn’t personally part of that generation doesn’t mean it can’t still apply to his argument.

    In fact, the whole Brady Bunch issue is probably a good argument for NOT doing it this way, because the other implication is that, despite how popular it was in its hey-day, the follow-ups that came later to exploit that popularity ultimately weren’t worth it and were just the cash-grabs they obviously were, so maybe we SHOULDN’T be trying to follow-up on every popular show we were nostalgic for back in the day, hmm?

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  2. Idano
    Ida No  10 months ago

    Ok. What’s the best show to show to your children such that when they become soul-less empty hulks as adults they get nostalgic for something future-cool. I vote for anything written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Tim Burton.

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