Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau for November 28, 2021

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  9 months ago

    Got my booster on Friday.

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  2. Img 0121 web
    Tammycrookshanks  9 months ago

    Now Omicron.

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  3. Tf 117
    RAGs  9 months ago

    Imagine coffins with anti-vax stickers on them…

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  4. Marvin the martian
    Fflashbang  9 months ago

    Cull the wilfully unvaxxed Omicron.

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  5. Catsanddogsportrait
    DennisinSeattle Premium Member 9 months ago

    You go, Ed. Hope it’s a fun ride.

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  6. 20130202 084632
    Plumb.Bob  9 months ago

    My fear is that they are testing grounds for the vaccine resistant strains.

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  7. 20150712 095628
    LookingGlass Premium Member 9 months ago

    Nothing says “owning the Libs” better then being dead, that’s D-E-E-E-E-D, dead!!!


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  8. 3dflags usaal1 5
    Alabama Al  9 months ago

    “What about your friends and relatives who are not vaccinated?”

    “Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated have shown themselves to be too dumb with which to associate. I have no friends who are not vaccinated. Everyone in my immediate family are vaccinated. As for the other acquaintances and relatives who are not, [expletive] ’em.”

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  9. Missing large
    claus.rogge  9 months ago

    What does “Owning the Libs” mean? Never heard that expression …

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  10. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell Premium Member 9 months ago

    From the standpoint of the coronaviruses, there’s nothing more glorious than a 7-billion-Petri-dish breeding ground in which they can try out new and interesting ways of propagating themselves. Omicron may be the most recent variant, but absent worldwide vaccination, it will certainly not be the last. COVID doesn’t give a rip that omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. After it blows by that designation, it’s on to Cyrillic.

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  11. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  9 months ago

    R.I.P. Bob Enyart, Phil Valentine, Jimmy DeYoung Sr., Marc Bernier, Dick Farrel, Robert David Steele, Pressley Stutts, Caleb Wallace.

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  12. Gocomics icon
    reedkomicks Premium Member 9 months ago

    Who’s Ed?

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  13. Sotj
    shanen0  9 months ago

    They are determined to polarize, divide, and destroy America.

    Lincoln believed in government of, by, and for the people and he saved the Union.

    The #zombies of today’s #fake_GOP want government of, by, and for the Donald. They just need to dump the last believers in government of the corporations, by the lawyers, for the richest 0.1%.

    Peaceful democracy in a republic? They’re against it.

    And a failed practice insurrection “led” by cowards and losers is still an #insurrection.

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  14. Missing large
    Shinrinder Premium Member 9 months ago


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  15. Missing large
    JoeStoppinghem Premium Member 9 months ago

    I have to wonder if the health insurance companies will refuse to pay any ICU costs if the person simply refused the vaccine. Of course any who can provide Dr.’s excuse might be exempt. Wonder now many Dr.s will want to get pulled into those lawsuits.

    Sorry, the case of “religious exemption”, should not apply. I don’t know an example, in any religious text. Hmm… maybe if a mega church makes those claims they get stuck with the bill.

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  16. Avt freyjaw tiki48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 9 months ago

    I feel for my fellow nurses and their exhaustion.

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  17. Missing large
    WMORAN1  9 months ago

    The longer it goes on, the worse the stories about the vaccines get.

    Apparently, it’s a plan by the New World Order to kill off all the sheeple who obey the rules, so they can go after the independently minded???

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  18. Missing large
    seamusrmacdonald  9 months ago

    Sadly all too true!

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  19. Headre
    robertthomasson  9 months ago

    There is a hope that the virus will tend to mutate to be more transmissible but cause less severe illness, like the common cold. It is, in evolutionary terms, not in the ‘best interest’ of the virus to kill its host. The best for the virus is to infect some one, multiply and pass its copies of itself onto new hosts. Need to wait and see with Omicron, but in the mean time, vaccinate, keep a window open, wear a mask, wash hands for 20 seconds every hour and keep your distance.

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  20. Missing large
    martin.midgley  9 months ago

    What are we going to do when the Drews of this world finally collapse under the strain? I wish my frail elderly catholic friend, who lives in the “certain knowledge” that all vaccines are made from murdered babies (source: The Internet) and would literally die rather than be vaxed, could be reached by pictures of Drew’s ICU. But that’s a dream.

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  21. Img 20220429 172951833 2
    kaffekup   9 months ago

    Drew’s back!

    Maybe now she can tell Alex the awesome news we never heard many years ago.

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  22. Missing large
    burkeen  9 months ago

    Watch out for that “almost”.

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  23. Beethoven 600x600jpg  1
    For a Just and Peaceful World  9 months ago

    What a difference a few days can make in the wacky world of COVID-19. Forget Delta, the new monster is Omicron.

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  24. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member 9 months ago

    Read some article where an avid antivaxxer died of Covid and then the father started getting hate mail as if his son causing the death of himself and who knows how many more is a good thing and they should not be criticized for it!! Anyway 41 and left a family. Boy did he own me!!

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  25. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 9 months ago

    Stay strong Drew. You and all nurses and doctors.

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  26. No 45
    Masterskrain Premium Member 9 months ago

    If THIS is what it takes to “Own the Libs”, then GO FOR IT!!!

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  27. Missing large
    jkurko  9 months ago

    As far as the strip itself, I’d say Darwin was right about survival of the fittest (smartest). The only people I feel sorry for are the kids who have no say in the choice of vaccination or not and the health care providers who will end up caring for these people. Any adult that doesn’t take the shot because of the BS on FaceCrook, Faux (not) News or any of the other disseminator sites that hawk about the supposedly side effects, well you’ve made your choice and now you have to suffer the consequences of that choice.

    You may judge me cold but it is rational.

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  28. Missing large
    gantech  9 months ago

    My wife just got her booster. I’ve been trying to schedule mine, but so far, most of the time slots I want are full up. In a way, that’s a good problem to have. It tells me more and more people are being responsible and doing the right thing.

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  29. Photo
    WilliamFurr  9 months ago

    Where’s the usual handful of Russian trolls that comment here? They seem suspiciously quiet today….

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  30. Missing large
    chmsam  9 months ago

    Too many people need incentives or even threats to get the shots.

    With smallpox, polio, and many, many other diseases people didn’t complain, whine, or need to be prompted – they thought of others (and not just their own family), lined up, rolled up their sleeves, and said “Thank you!” to those giving them the immunizations.

    This nation has fallen into the sewer over just a few simple pricks.

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  31. Alexander the great
    Alexander the Good Enough  9 months ago

    It’s not all doom & gloom. What I’ve not seen mentioned, at all, is that it’s highly likely that the nascent anti-viral drugs from both Pfizer and Merck will be just as effective against any new SARS-CoV-2 variant as they’ve been shown to be in trials. The drugs work by completely different biochemical mechanisms than the vaccines. (Details are readily available on the web.) Consequently, they’re likely to be entirely immune to the development of resistant variants. There are some real downsides to the drugs, however. They may be inadvisable for pregnant women (or must I say “pregnant people?”), the drugs MUST be given early in the infection to be at all effective, and they’ll be expensive. In any case, they’ll require even faster and more accessible COVID testing and they’re no replacement for getting vaccinated.

    Another positive is that the current and remarkably effective mRNA vaccines are, by design, readily modifiable. It’s very likely that they can be rapidly changed to address any new variant that isn’t controlled by the current mRNA vaccines.

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  32. A0aa4143 088c 4296 85af e0065b6a9fee
    mrwiskers  9 months ago

    Me too and my spoons still won’t stick to me. So disappointed.

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  33. Braveheart
    Free or Not? Premium Member 9 months ago

    The vaxxed are the superspreaders. They get covid and spread it asymptomatically. They mutate it first. THe Naturally immune are the heroes. Those who have gotten it and are creating natural her immunity to prevent spread and stop the pandemic.

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  34. Rugeirn
    rugeirn  9 months ago

    I’m just like a good puppy—I’ve had all my shots.

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  35. Large spider spider2
    IshkaBibel1  9 months ago

    It is an epidemic of the unvaccinated. Because.. well they all are, really.

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  36. Picture
    RonaldByrd  9 months ago

    Could that guy be THIS guy? Perhaps.

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  37. Missing large
    William Robbins Premium Member 9 months ago

    It’s become a tired old joke, sadly. More sadly, it’s all too true.

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  38. Missing large
    preacherman  9 months ago

    Not this Ed. I’m all vaxxed up, three shots so far, plus the flu shot. And, I’ve had my shingles and pneumonia vaccines, too. I’m as keep away bug-Ed as possible.

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  39. Missing large
    Bruce388  9 months ago

    Ed’s pretty impressive, talking with a tube shoved down his throat. I feel owned.

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  40. Ban crosscheck
    hermit48  9 months ago

    Flag that idiot.(not you puppy)

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  41. Hagenpic
    forusingyt  9 months ago

    Three words: “Darwin At Work”.

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  42. Missing large
    phboles  9 months ago

    My wife and I got our booster and flu shots a few weeks ago.

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  43. Missing large
    Olddog04  9 months ago

    Funny and sad at the same time.

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  44. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 9 months ago


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  45. Missing large
    Bakkie  9 months ago

    Hmmm. Anyone have a link to the story line about the AIDS deaths where Joanie kept vigil?

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  46. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 9 months ago

    Unvaxed Republicans are becoming a smaller minority every day.

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  47. Greg backlit
    mindjob  9 months ago

    They were going to call it the Xi variant, but WHO caved to his majesty

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  48. Red panda small
    Redd Panda  9 months ago

    Just heard. An improved variant, Omichron, heading our way.

    Back into the bunker. Eating spam and graham crackers.

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  49. Gatti bellissimi sacro di birmania birmano leggenda
    montessoriteacher  9 months ago

    Got my booster as soon as I could, October 12. Pfizer may have to do some tweaking. I’m ready for a 4th shot in the spring. Mainly because some Americans won’t get it and folks in other countries haven’t been able to get it yet. Unfortunately, it was predictable since folks aren’t taking proper measures because they can’t or won’t depending on geography. Just because the numbers went down was no reason to stop wearing masks. We need to stay the course until we stomp it out. We are not General Custer. We can do it if enough people stay the course.

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  50. Pirate63
    Linguist  9 months ago

    Forgive me for being spiteful, but I’m just waiting until we get the Omega variant, which I sincerely hope will finish off all the anti-maskers, political anti-vaxers, and the rest of ’em that are too stupid to protect themselves and too selfish to protect everyone around them!

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  51. Missing large
    positivethinker05  9 months ago

    Anyone walking much?

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  52. Gatti bellissimi sacro di birmania birmano leggenda
    montessoriteacher  9 months ago

    The anti-vaxxers refuse to take the pandemic seriously, so here’s a joke in their honor. Q: What did one casket say to another casket? A: Is that you coffin?

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  53. Missing large
    alibey  9 months ago

    With a survival rate of 99.9+%?

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  54. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  9 months ago

    Remember there were people who thought fighting seat belt laws was worth dying for . This is an EXACT analogy.

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  55. Img 1157
    brick10  9 months ago

    Don’t be taking up a needed bed.

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  56. April older
    Lola85 Premium Member 9 months ago

    I find it interesting that this has turned into a liberal vs conservative thing. Getting vaccinated doesn’t automatically mean one is liberal. Neither does not getting vaccinated mean that one is necessarily a conservative. In general, this might be true, but not always. I’m a political moderate who got vaccinated because I wanted to avoid getting the virus, and I know a person who is liberal-leaning, but didn’t get vaccinated because two different doctors told her not to because her medical issues.

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  57. Missing large
    PoodleGroomer  9 months ago

    They need to add him to the lung transplant list. The nonvaccinated list is at the bottom of the trash can.

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  58. Photo
    GaryCooper  9 months ago

    Yep. Those anti-mask, anti-vaccine protesters are showing us. Proving they’d rather die. Quite literally.

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  59. Catinma
    BeniHanna6 Premium Member 9 months ago

    Really Trudeau? You’re going to attempt to push the “it’s the conservatives that won’t get the vaccine”, BS line? Sorry, stupidity knows no political affiliation, or ethnic boundary. If you want to go there, Florida, which is conservative, has one of the lowest infection rates right now. Michigan which is liberal has one of the highest. Get you head out of your arse and just start attempting to get people vaccinated, rather than dividing the country. Amazing how you haven’t addressed the racial killing, and no cities burning over it, in Waukesha Wisconsin.

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  60. Missing large
    ron  9 months ago

    The pandemic will be over when the last of the anti-vaxxers is dead.

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  61. Missing large
    dbradway1  9 months ago

    And now it’s omicron. Never ending. But the important thing is that you can’t let the damned libs own YOU.

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  62. Boondocks huey
    Egjen Skis Premium Member 9 months ago

    My next door neighbor is a lead ICU nurse who is totally exhausted. She and her coworkers are pissed off that ALL of the covid patients in their unit are there because they are unvaccinated. She says they are selfish and taking advantage of the health care system. One of her nurses asked, “When will the insurance companies stop paying to treat unvaccinated people?” Please be kind to our health care workers they are under a lot of pressure.

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  63. 20180812 203935
    dlaemmerhirt999  9 months ago

    Pretty much!

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  64. Missing large
    ferddo  9 months ago

    And now the GQPs are trying to claim that the new Omicron strain was engineered by Democrats, and released in time to influence the upcoming midterm elections…

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  65. Missing large
    Cozmik Cowboy  9 months ago

    Yep – that’s the intelligence level of anti-vaxxers & other Q-nuts & MAGATs, alright – “Who cares how stupid and disastrous the results, as long as it pisses off intelligent & decent people?”

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  66. Alexander the great
    Alexander the Good Enough  9 months ago

    The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been very effectively “owning” all of those idiots who are dying to “own” the libs. The covidiots have utterly humiliated themselves, and they know it, but they’d rather die than admit that they’ve been fools, and by golly they are dying, like flies…

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  67. Jock
    Godfreydaniel  9 months ago

    If Traitor Trump fools you once, shame on him. If Traitor Trump fools you 1.00001 times, shame on you. (For those unskilled at math, that would be one POINT zero zero zero zero one times.)

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  68. Face resize
    donut reply  9 months ago

    Went to a doctor about a week ago. He mentioned he got his booster shot and was kind of achy. I traded my story of being booster eligible the beginning of December.

    A day later I realized, he could be saying this to every patient every day to probe and find their true vax status.

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  69. Missing large
    sisterea  9 months ago

    More is the pity

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  70. 3c777ff2 4bb1 47cd 9770 62ea9f8bab9b
    monya_43  9 months ago

    I got my Moderna booster a week ago. It had been seven and a half months since my second shot. I went over and walked into Walmart after church. There was no line, no one else there for a shot but me. The side effects were about the same as the first shot. I’m glad I now have added immunity. My county here in Texas is only 42% vaccinated. SMH

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  71. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat  9 months ago

    So… Will we need a 4th booster for Omicron?

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  72. 06 us2c ue24
    Sailor46 USN 65-95  9 months ago

    The decision-making ability of the Human Race is amazingly limited. You can’t build immunity against COVID-19 unless you become infected and live, dying pretty much ends in permanent immunity, but in a real bad way. Or you could get vaccinated and skip the dying altogether.

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  73. 411dba3ceb3458f02f6ee4a981a007f4
    ann.m.kennedy Premium Member 9 months ago

    I got my booster in October, walked into my pharmacy and got it. In the “bible belt” there was no wait. People in my community think no vaccine is being “free” or something. I just do not understand repug thinking.

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  74. Photo
    j.l.farmer  9 months ago

    got my vaccines in March and my booster earlier this month and wearing my mask in all stores, malls, and any crowd of people. everything i have done so far to prevent me from getting Covid is working; no reason tto make any changes at this time! i pray all who have chosen to do the right thing will stay safe and those that have not will ASAP!

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  75. Bob 1
    moondog42 Premium Member 9 months ago

    Destroying society to own the libs. Then after it’s destroyed, blaming libs for not stopping society from being destroyed. What “courage” these people have.

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  76. Doctor coathanger dedd0cdde39e8d206171eeee87e4f6dc2a54ba65eb66993993a8051998211bc
    Teto85 Premium Member 9 months ago

    As James T Kirk said in ’The Undiscovered Country, ’ “Let them die.”

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  77. Missing large
    Not the Smartest Man On the Planet -- Maybe Close Premium Member 9 months ago

    Keep on “owning” us, Pal. I ran out of sympathy for you anti-vaxxers a long time ago.

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  78. 2015 08 25 21.18.06
    JenSolo02  9 months ago

    If they truly think they have one over the libs??? There are times when the evil me wishes the virus would just wipe them all out, starting with certain members of Congress…

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  79. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  8 months ago

    If an anti-vaxxer dies of COVID, I don’t get mad. I don’t get happy. I don’t feel anything. I just say “good riddance” and carry on with my life.

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  80. Straycat 1
    MFRXIM Premium Member 8 months ago

    Me too. But now another variant is on the loose. A vaccinated and boostered friend became infected with the Delta variant and is recovering slowly. I will not go to restaurants from now on. Sad. :-(

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  81. Missing large
    waltkamp  8 months ago

    Some idiots on the far left have engaged in schadenfreude at the prospect of vaccine resistors failing the “Darwin test” and thinning the ranks of Republican voters. But I always remind them that each new infection gives the virus another opportunity to pass the “Darwin test” and mutate into a variety that thwarts current vaccines.

    This is also the reason that “vaccine nationalism” is shortsighted. Yes, we need to see that all Americans have access to a vaccine, and find ways to nudge resistors so they do not endanger themselves and others. But “vaccine generosity” with the developing world also reaps long-term dividends for Americans. If a more contagious or more resistant strain of the virus develops anywhere in the world, it is bound to find its way here. Does the word “Delta variant” ring a bell?

    This Thanksgiving, I’m especially thankful for scientists and medical professionals who have enabled me to resume something like a normal life, and for journalists who are combatting lies and rumors that endanger us all.

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  82. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  8 months ago

    It’s like the various internet challenges. Eating detergent pods to become famous.

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  83. Picture
    RonaldByrd  8 months ago

    What if, when a loved one contracts COVID, it was possible to determine from whom said loved one contracted it? What if it turns out said loved one contracted it from an anti-vaxxer who’d had every opportunity to get vaccinated yet refused? What would you call that? Anyone? Anyone?

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  84. Spinynorman
    liberalnlovinit  8 months ago

    And the Omicron variant is on the way…

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  85. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  8 months ago

    OK. We’re owned. I freely admit it. Mission accomplished. Now go get your &%%$#@ shots.

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  86. Missing large
    schillil  8 months ago

    Younger kiddo got her second shot today. Older isn’t eligible for a booster, but DH and I both got our boosters in the last few weeks (his was Pfizer and was last month, I got Moderna through the hospital where I work so got my booster as soon as I could schedule it).

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  87. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  8 months ago

    Vaccine mandates leave the door open for religious and moral exemptions. When they say a group is now 90% vaccinated, how many of them are walking around with a card that says, “Jesus and government say I don’t need a shot.”

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  88. Missing large
    writerofstories  8 months ago

    Getting mine on the 8th….SO wish those who haven’t gotten ANY would do so – maybe we could THEN end up surviving as a country….can’t help but wonder where it (or WE) will end!!

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  89. Cathy aack Premium Member 8 months ago

    My family just found out the hard way that it’s really not the flu and vitamin D won’t prevent it. Luckily all survived but one did land in the hospital for 4 days after he infected his whole family.

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  90. Photo
    GaryCooper  8 months ago

    Got a COVID booster shot and a flu shot last week. Neither is 100% effective, but 90% effective is better than 0% effective.

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  91. Missing large  8 months ago

    WHOOSH!!I’m writing this before I read the comments.

    A knockout blow to the jaw to be sure.But as a certain redneck comic likes to say—“YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!”.Those who complain about this strip are the guilty parties who don’t like being found out.

    Now,I’ll educate you on Drew.She was Alex’s ultra-beautiful Odd Couple roommate at M.I.T..

    Alex envied her because she was so beautiful.Drew enviedAlex because she wished SHe looked that “plain” so guys would stop pawing her and respect her for her mind.

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  92. Missing large
    droid714  8 months ago

    I’m just curious. You all seem so concerned about getting vaxxed and beating the COVID virus, how do you feel about the 200,000 illegal aliens that cross our southern border EVERY MONTH, without being tested or vaxxed for COVID? It’s safe to assume that a significant number of them are infected with the virus. Biden then has them transported by bus and plane to undisclosed locations, all over the country. Then he gets on TV and whines about masks and getting vaxxed! By the end of 2021, there will be more than 2 MILLION illegal aliens that are untested and unvaxxed in our country! Are you at least a little concerned about that?

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  93. Img 6362
    ozzman0156  8 months ago

    Two questions for Mr. Trudeau: You draw Trump with blood on his hands because of all the COVID19 deaths under his administration, yet more people have now died from COVID19 under Biden than under Trump. Do you plan to accordingly put blood on Biden’s hands too, if you ever get around to mentioning him on your strip? And are you a cartoonist or a propaganda sheet for the Democrat party?

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  94. 4764 97536242766 698002766 1922448 3512145 n
    jwebphoto  8 months ago

    Sorry for your covid vax reactions. I am not anti vax but my wife and I seem to have immunity to everything. We have not had a flu shot in over twenty years and never had the flu or any kind of cold. We have been very active, ballroom dancing, professional photography conventions, weddings, portraits, groups large and small, bowling, dinner with friends, plane flights, etc. Every chance to get sick seems to skip over us. I do social distance and wear a mask in certain stores not because of strong conviction but because I know some people feel safer when I do, and I respect their truth even though it is not my truth. Science needs to study the ultra healthy to see how and why we are ultra healthy and find out what elements would transfer to the general population.

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  95. Joe the bugatti mulhouse clipped
    Call me Ishmael  7 months ago

    Thanks to the V.A., all three shots on first day eligible! Amazingly organized mass vax of hundreds per day! Yay for “Socialism” !

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