Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau for September 18, 2023

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  5 months ago

    And this is his only child.

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  2. 92131731 10214180593663282 3751105281048707072 n
    B 8671  5 months ago

    Bitter old man angry at the world? Sounds like any member of the republican cult and ALL the members of the cult of trump.

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  3. Missing large
    Yewjeigh  5 months ago

    Is Rick extremely open to new ways of seeing things or sarcastic?

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  4. Real gun control
    Jack7528  5 months ago

    But Walden isn’t a real college. Then again neither are Harvard or Yale.

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  5. Unnamed
    The dude from FL  Premium Member 5 months ago

    And bitter and pathetic weren’t sour grapes? I can take old!

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  6. Out little avatar
    dadoctah  5 months ago

    When grapes get old, you get wine. Last I heard that was considered a good thing.

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  7. Missing large
    snsurone76  5 months ago

    Rick should have cut that loser loose years ago.

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  8. 3dbones
    Jingles  5 months ago

    i completed my grad reqs in junior year. senior was a waste of time: 4 study halls, woodworking, and drafting class. i still didn’t get my diploma until a week after “graduation” (kansas law, you had to be 18). one of the most backward places on earth.

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  9. 20211101 125120
    scote1379 Premium Member 5 months ago

    After he drops out of college (?) The GED will help !

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  10. Sevasleeping
    Serial Pedant  5 months ago

    jobless and an a*****e. That’s an achievement, I suppose.

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  11. Missing large
    Gen.Flashman  5 months ago

    Dad must have already sent in a check for tuition/dorm.

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  12. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member 5 months ago

    Hey Rick, it gets him out your house.

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  13. Missing large
    bittenbyknittin  5 months ago

    My granddaughter is in 7th grade & getting high school credit for the French she is taking.

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  14. Lifi
    rossevrymn  5 months ago

    I have 4 children…………….law of large #s.

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  15. Missing large
    Will_Scarlet  5 months ago

    Gary Trudeau does NOT like young people.

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  16. Michaelparksjimbronson
    well-i-never  5 months ago

    If he thinks the sour grape thing is getting old, wait for the, “stone-cold silence thing”, when he writes home for money.

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  17. Rugeirn
    rugeirn  5 months ago

    He can go wherever he wants. All he hast to do is pay for it.

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  18. Missing large
    rickmac1937 Premium Member 5 months ago

    I see the kid has changed still a Ah##e

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  19. Missing large
    blah_duh  5 months ago

    Don’t yell at the person paying for it. Or did Walden let him in for free?

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  20. Missing large
    Cozmik Cowboy  5 months ago

    Well, Rick, Shimer College – the most academically rigorous college in the US – was quite accepting of Early Entrants, the ones they got being so smart that another year of high school would only hurt them.

    Jeff, on the other hand………

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  21. Missing large
    rjarchuleta  5 months ago

    Time for a smack.

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  22. Ximage
    Jogger2  5 months ago

    Walden offers more 80s and 90s level courses than any other college in the United States.

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  23. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  5 months ago

    You really want to go to a college that will at least make you overqualified to work at Starbucks. Really

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  24. Image001
    dogday Premium Member 5 months ago

    “Son, you’re absolutely right. You should chart your own course. Make your own decisions. Follow your own dream. Pay your own bills. You’re right son; DONE!”

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  25. Missing large
    john_chubb  5 months ago

    Well, the first year of college is usually two semesters of remedial courses intended to catch you up to the level you should have been at the end of HS, so skipping the last year of HS to take a year of remedial classes does make sense.

    As long as you aren’t borrowing money to do it, at least.

    High School is “free” – well, you pay for it whether or not you go (or even have kids).

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  26. Bill murray drink
    Eric S   5 months ago

    Rick’s ALWAYS had superb parenting skills.

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