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Silly family antics and goofball humor, the Drabble family tickles readers' funny bones with outrageous antics. Kevin Fagan's lighthearted family strip chronicles the zany mishaps of his offbeat characters, especially goofball college student Norman Drabble and his donut-eating father Ralph. One of the best-loved families in the comics, the Drabble clan also includes smart younger brother Patrick, precocious little sister Penny, and June, the Drabble matriarch best known as "Honeybunch."

From Norm's relentless pursuit of his dream girl to Ralph's hilarious power struggles with Oogie the cat, Drabble is always full of witty, wacky and wonderful humor. The genuine love that keeps the Drabbles from driving each other crazy makes it one of the best family comic strips around, and the loony things they do make it one of the funniest.

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