Win, Lose, Drew by Drew Litton for February 08, 2012

  1. 23878 slide
    tcity  over 12 years ago

    Zing! Replace the pro bowl with a skills competition, have it after the superbowl, with the top players in the league. Imagine a passing competition between Rodgers & Brees! It would give players a chance to earn off season bragging rights.

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  2. Missing large
    phoenixnyc  over 12 years ago

    Agreed. Someone on my football boards suggested an obstacle course for d-linemen and linebackers, maybe with a way to measure how hard they hit the final goal.

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  3. Jollyroger
    pirate227  over 12 years ago

    I had tickets to the Pro Bowl when I lived in Hawaii.We were tailgating when the game started and none of us wanted to go into the stadium to see the game, tailgating was more fun.

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  4. Qwerty01s
    cjr53  over 12 years ago

    Or turn off your TV and go do something else instead.

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  5. Missing large
    allencthulhu  over 12 years ago

    The whole point of the original baseball All-Star game was so that people had a chance to see baseball stars that they wouldn’t normally get to see because they played in the other league.

    Now, every team plays every other team in basketball and hockey and football and baseball have games that cross the conferences/leagues. In a National League city, I still get to see the Yankees every three or four years.

    To make things like the Pro Bowl relevant again, just eliminate the cross conference/league games. No more Lakers/Celtics except during the finals and no more Patriots/Giants except at the Super Bowl.

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