Endtown by Aaron Neathery for September 06, 2021

  1. Pictures 087
    Baarorso  10 months ago

    A thought just occurred to me. Long time readers of this strip may remember a Topsider who was transformed into a raccoon. He then went insane, thinking he was a god. Could he be connected with this “Eye” business somehow?

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  2. My newavatar
    John Reiher Premium Member 10 months ago

    Well that’s gonna put a crimp in their weekend plans!

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  3. Darkstripe headshot
    darkstripe  10 months ago

    “People of Xandar, the time has come to rejoice and renounce your paltry gods! Your salvation is at hand.”

    Whoops, wrong continuity. Same idea, though.

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  4. Missing large
    GravShire  10 months ago

    One way or another, it’s the “endtime speech” of every cult leader. Those haz-suits, and their reason, is going to put such a crimp in the “natural love festival.”

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  5. Albino turtle 2
    boydpercy Premium Member 10 months ago

    Hallelujah! Where’s the door? I need to make a quick exit.

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  6. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  10 months ago

    Wally: "Been there, done that, it didn’t work that time, either. So, “I”, are you ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!"?

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  7. Tf 117
    RAGs  10 months ago

    It would seem that the “eye” needs to work through some being with a corporeal body.

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  8. Docrat logo avatar
    Jenner Premium Member 10 months ago

    “Well, THAT’s not good. "

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  9. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  10 months ago

    Hoo boy!

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  10. Tamandua walkies
    crookedwolf Premium Member 10 months ago

    There’s a huge church next to Home Depot in town, and on Sunday mornings they broadcast the sermon through the whole parking lot. This reminds me of that, somehow..

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  11. Missing large
    Robert Nowall Premium Member 10 months ago

    Next time, when you cleanse, use a milder soap.

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  12. 20200927 193644 2
    Pappyvtx  10 months ago

    Panel 3, “they shall all be as one”….panel 4, “Trillions of pieces of space debris!” I guess that would be ONE big mess????

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  13. Blindspot
    salenstormwing  10 months ago

    “This world, this sinful world will be cleansed.” Dude, have you looked outside? Someone beat you to 99.44% of it. You don’t have to out perform Ivory Soap. Pretty sure the place is cleansed enough.

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  14. 20140920 090003
    gary.eddings4157 Premium Member 10 months ago

    Not looking good for our boys and their perky companion…better get to your Lab on the double guys

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  15. Dra
    Fiammata  10 months ago


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  16. Helmthumb2
    Mighty Phavahg  10 months ago

    It’s not good when a model of the world blows off the head of “god,” right?

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  17. Image
    Vet Premium Member 10 months ago

    Okay….this is serious! I want everyone to lean forward! Put your head between your knees! Now kiss your ass goodbye!

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  18. Bits2
    Diat60  10 months ago

    So, correct me if I’m wrong, but in the last strip the “Thing” was standing behind Wally. It still seems to be behind him. Therefore, blocking their escape? Or is it just a projection?

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  19. Missing large
    MartynW  10 months ago

    Hey, check out the globe. Atlantis is back!

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  20. Avatar
    contralto2b  10 months ago

    I feel the ditto is showing Wally what I/Eye really means.

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  21. Sea chapel
    6turtle9  10 months ago

    It’s always the ones screaming “Unity!” the loudest that have the worst ideas on how to achieve it.

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  22. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  10 months ago

    The dittos are making editorial comments to be sure I/Eye’s monologue is clearly understood.

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  23. Gocomic 2c
    RickD Premium Member 10 months ago

    According to the A.I. back on the Fitz; in the multiverse, this Earth is “bracketed by unbelievably huge numbers of dead Earths..it simply should not exist within this wavelength..” Did the Eye murder those alternate worlds, as it wants to kill this one?

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  24. Missing large
    purduephotog  10 months ago

    Welp, there ya have it! All worlds on either side of theirs are purged of all life. “I” is “seeing” to it.

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  25. 5257a747 9293 4d92 9545 b6d60cab1db8
    pammyrat  10 months ago

    Isn’t that a ditto under that globe?

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