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Too much is never enough for the Fat Cats, a family of feline blue bloods who thrive on excess wealth, power and catnip. Fat Cats stars Leo and Bobcat, to purr-ennially pretentious brothers who dominate the business world and indulge in all the finer pleasures their nine lives have to offer. In the cat-eat-dog world of the Fat Cats, running a multi-conglomerate corporation, exploiting the loyal dogs that work in their catnip factory, and buying wonderfully ostentatious trinkets are all in a day’s work. Nestled deep in the lap of luxury, these catpitalists are spoiled by Momcat, the CEO of their successful empire. They are also waited on “Paw-and-tail” by their loyal dogservant, James, who performs mundane daily tasks for the Fat Cats and who wrestles with his basic canine instincts--to bite the paws that feed him.

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