Flo and Friends by Jenny Campbell for May 17, 2022

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    Last Rose Of Summer Premium Member 5 months ago

    And it was black and white And a 17" screen. It came on at 5 PM and went off at 10 PM.

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  2. Doug3
    baddawg1989  5 months ago

    …across shag carpeting in the wintertime. Tzap!

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  3. Missing large
    seanfear  5 months ago

    …AND … we actually DID watch something on TV

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  4. Thumbnail  6
    kaylin  5 months ago

    Sister and I were the remote….

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  5. Missing large
    jmworacle  5 months ago

    And we had to walk six miles to school…..

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  6. Ava2
    C  5 months ago

    We didn’t, that was tasked to the rug rats

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  7. Missing large
    angier3824 Premium Member 5 months ago

    My first apartment had electric heat so I kept the temp low. I used a blow dryer to warm up the tubes so my old TV would turn on.

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  8. Clementine remote
    quonk999  5 months ago

    For a while we had a very tiny tv with about a 10" screen. It was black & white and we could only pull in 2 channels. My parents put it on the foot of their king size bed and all 6 of us huddled together to watch it. We loved it.

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  9. Groucho3
    Barnabus Blackoak  5 months ago

    AND to make a phone call! It was hanging on the wall in the kitchen…

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  10. Imagescasts1v2
    jeanie5448  5 months ago

    I can only remember living close enough to walk to school maybe 3 or 4 times. Most of the time I rode a bus or mom took me.

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  11. Missing large
    goboboyd  5 months ago

    The rug was bunched up toward that end of the room so it was uphill at least in one direction. Fortunately the shiny tinfoil wrapped around the ‘rabbit ears’ showed the way through all the cigarette smoke. Also, crushing the steel beer cans was much much harder.

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  12. Yahoo avatar
    zodismoon  5 months ago

    I remember when the channels were 3, 5, 8, 19, 43, 55, and UHF

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  13. Govi profile
    Govi Premium Member 5 months ago

    Life was really tough back in the day. /sarcasm

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  14. Stinker
    cuzinron47  5 months ago

    But the good news is we didn’t have to change the channels much since there weren’t that many.

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  15. Missing large
    blah_duh  5 months ago

    And (as my dad likes to tell me) there were only 2 channels – Cowboys and Indians or Indians and Cowboys.

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    MCProfessor  5 months ago

    Nah, my dad used me as the remote control.

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  17. Missing large
    rickmac1937 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Sure did

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  18. Missing large
    BarryRoger Premium Member 4 months ago

    Not to mention fool with the outside antenna!

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  19. Missing large
    JoeMartinFan Premium Member 4 months ago

    And (you might want to sit down for this) we only had 3 channels to watch!

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