FoxTrot by Bill Amend for September 28, 2008

  1. Emerald
    margueritem  almost 16 years ago

    He just can’t get no respect.

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  2. River tamm 2
    ozzimandius  almost 16 years ago

    Quincy is over qualified for the project.

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    hcrobin85  almost 16 years ago

    Peter didn’t look to busy..he probably did not want to do it!

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  4. Simpsonized me close up
    mrprongs  almost 16 years ago

    Quincy likes the same show as Roger?

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  5. Trop light
    JonD17  almost 16 years ago

    pssst mrprongs, I think its more like Roger likes the same shows as Quincy.

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  6. S731122099 1068302 6899
    bluetopazcrystal  almost 16 years ago

    ha ha ha ha! That IS funny!

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  7. Ba071203
    circuit7  almost 16 years ago

    Fine, fine - bust on the dad again…

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  8. Photo 94
    torch43  almost 16 years ago

    jasons just playing world of warquest, and he HATES paige. and also, she probably wont pay him this time, so he wont do it. all of u guys totally know that he wont do anyone’s math unless they pay him to do it. (except for his own). :-)

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  9. Photo 94
    torch43  almost 16 years ago

    and also, u guys (mrprongs and jpuzzlewhiz and the like) need to learn how to change ur aviies.

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  10. Missing large
    tobybartels  almost 16 years ago

    torch43 says:

    and also, u guys (mrprongs and jpuzzlewhiz and the like) need to learn how to change ur aviies.


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  11. Missing large
    NumberOneFoxtrotFan  almost 16 years ago

    The Best Comic!!

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  12. Missing large
    Jason_Fox_Fangirl  almost 16 years ago

    I never saw this in the newspaper, and never knew it existed until now. FUNNY!

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  13. Pxl 20221009 021917563
    Boxo croco says happy derby  over 4 years ago

    How Quincy helps: eats math homework

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  14. 40eb15c3 239d 4692 b434 288fb6dd3e18
    Stan the Building  over 4 years ago

    Peter’s poster on his wall O_O

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  15. Large 5135c8dd a681 40c2 8c60 eede9953c411
    Josequeen   about 3 years ago


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