FoxTrot by Bill Amend for April 10, 2011

  1. V  9
    freeholder1  about 13 years ago

    Mobius Loopy at that.

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  2. Avatar
    garfield246  about 13 years ago

    Thank god MY sister has her own computer.

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  3. Msc
    whims  about 13 years ago

    A manual implementation of a ‘busy-wait loop’…

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  4. Douglas   headshot
    kraftjeff  about 13 years ago

    Wow I’ve done that… gotta go to facebook now and see if anybody wrote anything now in fact. Except I don’t have twitter (and won’t) and have no clue what Tumblr is…

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  5. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  about 13 years ago

    Thank God I told my wife of serious electrical shocks from the key board unless you wear pink rubber hip waders

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  6. 100 2451
    RonBerg13 Premium Member about 13 years ago

    Yeah - what the heck is Tumblr?

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  7. Missing large
    Drakken  about 13 years ago

    No idea either. Likely if we have to ask, we’re not “pop culture enough” to use it .

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  8. Missing large
    wjuhnke  about 13 years ago

    pretty sure Tumblr is a blogging site.

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  9. Missing large
    Chepi89  about 13 years ago

    Another social site thingy?! I have no idea what this one is. I think if you have to ask what Tumblr is you have to ask yourself, ‘Do I really need it?’ or ‘Do I have time for it?’. And better yet, ‘Do I want to know?’ My answer is NO, NO and NO.

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  10. Eternal sailor jupiter by dreamarii06 decso1m 375w 2x
    Callie Ray  about 13 years ago

    Hey, Paige! either get a smartphone or your own computer.

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  11. Felix the cat
    DougDean  about 13 years ago

    She’s executing a simple polling algorithm. The problem is that you’re supposed to do it on a separate thread

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  12. Missing large
    DerkinsVanPelt218  about 13 years ago

    If you want people to notice your social networking, you have to post something yourself.

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  13. Missing large
    starlilies  about 13 years ago

    Yes, Tumblr is a blogging site. Similar to Twitter in that you follow people, but it’s not as restrictive to the number of “characters” you can post (like Twitter). My 15yo daughter uses it all the time. It’s a little too extreme for me.

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  14. Grimlock
    Colt9033  about 13 years ago

    Should have everyone graduated by now and moved out?

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  15. Missing large
    Lawrence Stetz Premium Member about 13 years ago

    Yes, if this was real life or everybody aged in real time. But sadly, this is a comic strip. Every birthday is Paige’s 14th birthday. Every year of high school is the same one.

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  16. My eye
    vldazzle  about 13 years ago

    I don’t twitter (though I’m a bird person)- don’t evenn like the limits that FB puts on status messages. If I need more space there I just add in a comment. Just checking email, FB and the various comics forums takes too much time to deal with some days. People are staarting to complain that I don’t answer emails as promptly as before, so I’m opting out of may group emails and stores (even where I shop often).

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  17. 2950eafe f5eb 4d16 b7b1 c9bd44ce88a1
    Nate Arbuckle, Quincy and Hobbes.  about 3 years ago

    The internet is a dangerous thing, Paige.

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  18. Printscreen 2
    me_the_polish_gull  about 3 years ago

    And GoComics… lol.

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  19. Screenshot 2022 01 11 3.07.45 pm
    Natedawg10  over 2 years ago

    Paige is finally using an ACTUAL computer! no more Apple shaped one!

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