FoxTrot by Bill Amend for May 15, 2022

  1. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  3 months ago

    They work EXACTLY as well if you just carry them in your backpack.

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  2. 8d4e8ad6 4494 4665 8009 edd51c3035f8
    Храм С.О.Д. (Templo S.U.D. ucraniano)  3 months ago

    Weird, Paige? No, but rather ridiculous.

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  3. Ava2
    C  3 months ago

    At least it warns bystanders about your insanity

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  4. Figaro 1
    Wilde Bill  3 months ago

    Not as weird as your face.

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  5. Mm wp001
    allen@home  3 months ago

    Your appearance Paige tells everybody to give you a wide berth.

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  6. Joshua slocum3  4
    Kroykali  3 months ago

    Today’s classic FoxTrot Sunday strip:

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  7. Missing large
    Doug K  3 months ago

    Danger: The Medusa look. Do not look directly into her eyes.

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  8. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member 3 months ago

    She’s starting to take after Peter.

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  9. 43490603 239222070281552 7428159403154472960 n
    jedkemsley8  3 months ago

    Paige, may take age age, to perfect her hair… but never mind, it’s all there!

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  10. Missing large
    seanfear  3 months ago

    wait til Jason sees this ….

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  11. Me1113
    chris_o42  3 months ago

    No problem Paige, now days anything goes…I’ve seen worse.

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  12. Greg backlit
    mindjob  3 months ago

    No need to study now, an A plus is guaranteed

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  13. Strega
    P51Strega  3 months ago

    She’s clearly got memory capability. That’s probably why she got “lucky” on so many tests.

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  14. Missing large
    jel354  3 months ago

    Peter did this when he ate carrots the breakfast before his final for vitamin A.

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  15. Pic2 2
    Amra Leo  3 months ago

    Yes, and yes…

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  16. Badger avatar
    Twelve Badgers in a Suit Premium Member 3 months ago

    Hair always looks weird. Don’t worry about it.

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  17. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  3 months ago

    Is that a trick question, Paige?

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  18. Avatarpic l  1
    mfrasca  3 months ago

    Magical thinking is becoming a fetish.

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  19. Large bearfront
    paranormal  3 months ago

    Looks good to me…

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  20. Screen shot 2022 07 21 at 2.51.30 pm
    KEA  3 months ago

    If she had learned her lessons during the term, she wouldn’t have to study for finals at all… just do a brief review as a reminder

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  21. Box turtle
    JSH in Dover  3 months ago

    Why is her kneecap behind her leg in the third panel?

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  22. 6b6a17aa 4633 4ce3 959e 2cd6e82fbf91
    alexius23  3 months ago

    Every now & again I miss the boy’s girl friends

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  23. Missing large
    raybarb44  3 months ago

    I am…..

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  24. Dd2001gv
    DevilDog2001 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Just wear them on your wrist.

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  25. Battery park
    tinstar  3 months ago

    Ya’ gotta love the occasional underbite!

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  26. Missing large
    josh_bisbee  3 months ago

    You know, Paige, instead of relying on luck, you could just study.

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  27. P1030260
    einarbt  3 months ago

    Going for the Loris Slothrop look (from Cul de Sac)?

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  28. 2a9bb8d3 d4cb 4bf6 90e7 405b305485a6
    Eeveelution lover  2 months ago

    Yes Paige. Extremely.

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