Frank and Ernest by Thaves for December 04, 2012

  1. Missing large
    Proginoskes  over 11 years ago

    ’He’s still thinking about fingerprints."

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  2. Not quite 70
    unnormal  over 11 years ago

    Let’s be ‘flexible’, though.No need to exclude some of the less-probable states, eh?

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  3. Missing large
    de_19958  over 11 years ago

    One snowflake is made of trillions or water molecules, so statistically there is no way they could be arranged exactly alike.

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  4. Mt icon60
    rnmontgomery  over 11 years ago

    researchers at UW Madison a few years ago supposedly found two alike – just sayin – I don’t buy it though.

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  5. Intraining
    InTraining  over 11 years ago

    He needs to update thier technology…. give them a tee square and a mechanical pencil…. ! ! !

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  6. Eye darker
    Nairebis  over 11 years ago

    Well, all those dead people in heaven need something to do! Otherwise, it would get pretty boring there.

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