Frank and Ernest by Thaves for April 07, 2013

  1. Louie avatar
    luckylouie  about 11 years ago

    No, a Palin drone is a political speech by a former VP candidate, former half-term governor, and former celebrity.

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  2. R fp505 spring05
    skeeterhawk  about 11 years ago

    Another ‘baaaad’ pun. Hmm. I wonder why a lot of comics have been featuring drones lately. BTW, cute one, luckylouie.

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  3. Chai
    Perkycat  about 11 years ago

    Good play on words, Thaves. I love it!!

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  4. Missing large
    Poollady  about 11 years ago

    It was created by technicians named Bob and Otto

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  5. Cheryl 149 3
    Justice22  about 11 years ago

    I like the ’toon.

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  6. Missing large
    ChazNCenTex  about 11 years ago

    Gee, and I thought this was a pun on the word “palindrome” which is a word or sentence that can be read the same frontwards or backward like “radar” or “Madam I’m Adam”. However, when I saw the “Palin…” part of the word I knew that at least one commenter would go there, but nearly everyone did geez.

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  7. Intraining
    InTraining  about 11 years ago

    The haters would not miss a PERFECT opportunity to spew more hatred….. ! ! !

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  8. Masked
    Rickapolis  about 11 years ago

    How many pilots does it need?

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  9. Epicfail
    danielse  about 11 years ago

    If you can’t tell the difference between Sarah Palin & Tina Fey . . .

    You Might Be A Liberal.

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  10. Epicfail
    danielse  about 11 years ago

    If you see a cartoon using a play on the word “palindrone” and your first thought is to attack Sarah Palin . . .

    You Might Be A Really Paranoid Liberal.

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  11. Colclausav
    ColonelClaus  about 11 years ago

    Don’t y’all know that the general public simply looks to see whether a D or an R follows a persons name?And perish forbid the letter be an I.No one looks at what one is saying anymore.If MSNBC likes someone, conservatives hate him.FOX likes someone, liberals hate him.The same idjits who hated the Patroit Act love the presidential use of drones, and vice versa.As Earl Pitts would say… Wake up Uhmerica!Pitts off

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  12. Missing large
    hippogriff  about 11 years ago

    The corporate media is working overtime to rehabilitate drones. Last winter, a modeler was flying his radio controlled airplane with a camera on board. He discovered a red creek and that a local slaughterhouse was dumping waste in the waterways. Now the Dalla Snooze is calling all RC airplanes “drones”. It will probably be required in the next AP Stylebook.

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  13. Missing large
    sjwulbrecht  about 11 years ago

    Snerk got it right!

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