Frank and Ernest by Thaves for September 13, 2015

  1. Beautiful tree and river1
    TREEINTHEWIND  almost 7 years ago

    Yeh and this strip just spunout………..

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  2. Bananeajoe00001
    Toonerific  almost 7 years ago


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  3. Roflmao
    What? Me worried ?  almost 7 years ago

    He is also dealing with Uranus who is dealing with a negative image problem ! hahahaha

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  4. Img 20170812 182123872
    ex window inspector  almost 7 years ago

    and Mars which has moons called Phobos and Deimos…real problem kids

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  5. Chai
    Perkycat  almost 7 years ago

    Love this one!

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  6. Chai
    Perkycat  almost 7 years ago

    I could use a few lucky stars………if I only knew which ones were mine.

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  7. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  almost 7 years ago

    “And a Solar System talking about their Failed Suns who’ve become Gas Giants living in their basement…”“And a Planet whose Satellites are always mooning her…”

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  8. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  almost 7 years ago

    He doesn’t treat the quasar for being the center of attention? The pulsar for being OCD about the regularity of its pulses? The wandering planet for its abandonment issues?

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