Frank and Ernest by Thaves for October 02, 2023

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    uncle snipe  7 months ago

    That’s ok. It’s 42!

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    uniquename  7 months ago

    So 0=0.

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    Doug K  7 months ago

    If that was supposed to be the “formula” to somehow explain the meaning of life, skimming through it I see no reason for cancelling everything (not even any of it) out.

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    bunkyrcs  7 months ago

    That’s life.

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    Samrhoads Premium Member 7 months ago

    He should have taken a derivative.

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    The Orange Mailman  7 months ago

    I don’t see an = sign so it’s not an equation.

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    phritzg Premium Member 7 months ago

    You can’t trust a scientist who doesn’t use a pocket protector.

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    Twelve Badgers in a Suit Premium Member 7 months ago

    So, the existentialists were right?

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    e.groves  7 months ago

    Sex and food or food and sex.

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  10. Th 9
    Count Olaf Premium Member 7 months ago

    Something that keeps “Birth” and “Death” from bumping into one another.

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  11. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  7 months ago

    I see your error! You’ve got a spurious (-42) in there… ㋛

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  12. Captain smokeblower
    poppacapsmokeblower  7 months ago

    Where’s the equal sign or the divisor line? You can’t just cancel out everything even in life.

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    ChukLitl Premium Member 7 months ago

    The glory of existence isn’t enough for you? You want meaning, too? 42 is the answer to “what is 6 times 9.” It’s neither supposed to make sense nor be consistent. You’re welcome.

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    stamps  7 months ago

    Cancel culture takes all the meaning out of life.

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    PlatudimusAtom Premium Member 7 months ago

    Feel confident in saying that his result is far less worrisome than the tumult that would surely have arisen once it set in that he’d been the one who’d actually solve it.

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  16. Intraining
    InTraining  7 months ago

    nothing a dry eraser can’t fix…!

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    Charles Freeman Premium Member 7 months ago

    Maybe that is the meaning of life…

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  18. Me in flag shirt
    paulscon Premium Member 7 months ago
    The Futility of All Endeavors

    1 The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.

    2 “Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher.“Vanity of vanities! All [that is done without God’s guidance] is vanity [futile, meaningless—a wisp of smoke, a vapor that vanishes, merely chasing the wind].” Ecclesiastes 1:1-2 AMP

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  19. T
    T...  7 months ago

    Took me a few seconds, but I got it: “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”…

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  20. Missing large
    norphos  7 months ago

    Can mathematics define the Meaning of Life?

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    mistercatworks  7 months ago

    The fun part is living while you work it all out. If the afterlife were so great, people would be sending us postcards wishing we were dead. :)

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    dbrucepm  7 months ago

    if you spend your time searching for the meaning of life you miss out on life. its like trying to find happiness, you never find it if you spend your time looking for it

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    oakie817  7 months ago

    you got it

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    AlKarpinski  7 months ago

    ASCII 42 is an asterisk *, which in many text searches means it can be “anything at all”. So, the “meaning of life the universe and everything” is “everything”

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