Fred Basset by Alex Graham for November 15, 2021

  1. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  about 1 year ago

    Low tech day is often relaxing Fred! Good day to pet the dog!

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  2. Donna
    As You Wish (ex Stillfickled) Premium Member about 1 year ago

    I watched sports today with the TVs muted. Ahhhhh, nice!

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  3. Figaro 1
    Wilde Bill  about 1 year ago

    The internet must be down.

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  4. Missing large
    mikenjanet  about 1 year ago

    No lie! I know it’s the thing to stay fascinated with your phone these days, but that isn’t my philosophy. My phone is at least 20 years old. I never turn it on unless I want to call when I’m not at home. I have never downloaded an app in my life. I don’t even know my cell’s phone number. I view it as an electronic leash. I still have and will always have a landline that I want people to use. Last thing I want is to get an emergency call while out and have to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Not good. I have a laptop but hate it and can barely stand working at the desktop. I do have a tablet that I use and have never explored all its capabilities. I love and prefer real books although I have downloaded some. People spend far too much time attached to technology while life flows past them. Yes, jobs require it but on down time disconnect and actually talk to and spend time with real people. I fully acknowledge I am an oddity and my views don’t align, but eh, I’m not concerned about it. Fred has it right.

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  5. Flowers pininterest
    whenlifewassimpler  about 1 year ago

    mikenjanet couldn’t agree more no cell phone for us at all. Just a regular phone and answering machine. Me and my hubby couldn’t agree more on your statement: " People spend far too much time attached to technology while life flows past them." Not an oddity to me and my hubby we are in your ball park all the way!

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  6. Missing large
    juicebruce  about 1 year ago

    Fred time to enjoy the moment ! Throw another log on the fire if the fireplace is burning ;-)

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  7. Img 20190428 152052 hdr kindlephoto 2072758
    SusieB  about 1 year ago

    Maybe some nice jazz playing in the background.

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  8. Fb 20140921 16 09 37 saved picture
    Dwatson115  about 1 year ago

    When a friend of mine first got a cell phone. It came with a battery pack. I ask him what in the world do you need that silly expensive phone, when you have a perfectly good phone at home? A lot has changed but not so much for me!

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  9. 1968d0a4 637e 4030 90bd e88b8da5572d
    darcyandsimon  about 1 year ago

    I don’t think of the Dears as being device fiends, but it sure looks inviting! (and I wonder what the average age of Fred’s audience is? Just sayin’! ;-) )

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  10. Missing large
    kathleenhicks62  about 1 year ago

    Ahhh! Peace and quiet. Shhhh…………

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  11. Missing large
    Robert the L  about 1 year ago

    Electronic devices have their uses and are good when not overly relied upon.

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  12. Photo
    KenDHoward1  about 1 year ago

    I really appreciate the content of today’s “Fred Basset,” … but, I find myself conflicted, as I am viewing it on my lap top … :/

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  13. Missing large
    lemonbaskt  about 1 year ago

    i tell people theres nothing so interesting on the phone that i have to look at it while eating .

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