Fred Basset by Alex Graham for December 06, 2022

  1. Missing large
    mikenjanet  6 months ago

    Wow Fred! What’s gotten into you leaving it his call? Unless you are pretty darn sure he won’t eat a floor sausage. I wouldn’t but there are some folks …. I’d say good luck for you.

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  2. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  6 months ago

    All is fair for drops Fred but fair play letting him choose!

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  3. Missing large
    angelolady Premium Member 6 months ago

    That sausage is yours, Fred. Take it!

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  4. Accepting award cropped compressed bigger
    kbyrdleroy123  6 months ago

    It’s on the floor. He can’t eat it. His loss.

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  5. Missing large
    saylorgirl  6 months ago

    You’re a good boy Fred!

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  6. Wile e. coyote free fall
    Botulism Bob  6 months ago

    Panel 4 would have shown Fred gobbling the sausage with glee.

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  7. Missing large
    gokar An T Fa  6 months ago

    This family eats way too much sausage.

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  8. Missing large
    juicebruce  6 months ago

    Go for it Fred ! Tis your sausage now !

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  9. Smallflaggedstar
    Dean  6 months ago

    I would rinse it off at the sink, but that is because no Fred at my house.

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  10. Img 20190428 152052 hdr kindlephoto 2072758
    SusieB  6 months ago

    5 second rule is in effect, but I’d let Fred have it

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  11. P3301981 device
    meboado  6 months ago

    In the words of Mittens from Bolt: “If it hits the floor, it’s the dogs.”

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  12. Png image 10
    ǝlɐ⅁ Premium Member 6 months ago

    Best to devour it before Mrs. D can see you with it!!

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  13. H. farson circa 1918
    GSD Mom Premium Member 6 months ago

    Bella got a bit of that sort of bounty last night; the last bite of my turkey dog slipped out of the bun and onto the carpeted floor. Five second rule or not, there’s no redeeming it after carpet fuzz.

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  14. Missing large
    heathcliff2  6 months ago

    He is waiting for Mr. Dear to pick up the sausage to eat or give to Fred. No blame for Fred.

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  15. Missing large
    anncorr339  6 months ago

    Bet Mr Dear will let Fred have the sausage

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  16. 16672656908114138451240476029314
    Frank Burns Eats Worms  6 months ago

    I’m sure kitchen floor sausage is not the dirtiest thing Fred has gotten into

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  17. Me kindergarten  2
    finnygirl Premium Member 6 months ago

    I agree that sweet Fred should get the sausage!

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  18. 1968d0a4 637e 4030 90bd e88b8da5572d
    darcyandsimon  6 months ago

    “Aack! Give it to Fred, or wash it off for the family…?”

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