Frog Applause by Teresa Burritt for December 06, 2022

  1. 3083024 0826053922 daveb
    Kaputnik  10 months ago

    Don’t ever cross a pimento loaf. They never forgive.

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  2. New badger avatar
    tudza Premium Member 10 months ago

    Green toes with red nails.

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  3. Onion news1186.article
    Randy B Premium Member 10 months ago

    You get dogs gnawing on your shoes while you’re wearing them.

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  4. 654px red eyed tree frog   litoria chloris edit1
    Superfrog  10 months ago

    You get a penny for your thoughts.

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  5. Screenshot 20220517 145611
    Space Captain Cody(G  10 months ago

    Penny Lame and Penny Marshall with a Lenny and Sqiggy hair doo. Laverne and Shirley too! The Big Ragu spaghetti sauce with green olives and pimento meatballs.

    Ya don’t have to call me Shirley.

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  6. Skipper
    3hourtour Premium Member 10 months ago

    …old punch line…

    …speaking of loafers…

    …how’s your father?…

    …Olive in order to get shipped to an island in a box…

    …threw away all of Popeye’s spinach…

    …now the alien superchamp is beating up our hero…maybe give him some olive loaf…

    …or enjoy some of Popeye’s surveillance pickle loaf…

    …(though, I don’t know the difference between olive & pickle loafs)…

    …maybe pickle only has pimiento and no Olive…

    …I am an Olive person …black or green…

    …they’re all the same to me…

    …even on pizza…

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  7. Oldwolfcookoff
    The Old Wolf  10 months ago

    Stinky loafers, that’s what

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  8. Td  2
    Rotifer CAN I HAVE RUBEN BOLLING’S PIN? Thalweg Premium Member 10 months ago

    What is a “pimento” anyway, and how did it find its way inside an olive?

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  9. Png image 10
    ǝlɐ⅁ Premium Member 10 months ago

    Don’t they squish!? Ah well, even if it means there being squish in my step, bring ‘em on!!

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  10. Screenshot 20220517 145611
    Space Captain Cody(G  10 months ago

    Hey that’s not my bellybutton but the island is a lampshade and the volcan Volkswagen is a glass eye. Please grab my eye not the green olives.(⁠人⁠ ⁠•͈⁠ᴗ⁠•͈⁠).

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  11. Colt2
    coltish1  10 months ago

    Love what you’ve done with the room! The 3-D wallpaper is great.

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  12. Img 3558
    Zebrastripes  10 months ago

    Sounds like a bunch of bologna to me!

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  13. Img 3558
    Zebrastripes  10 months ago

    I have a pair of penny loafers and I just couldn’t seem to get the pimento to stay in the slot! So I ate one and put the other in my Martini!

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  14. Sss200
    charles9156  10 months ago

    leather pimento loafers

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  15. 7831c9a4 3d01 43f0 af20 333f72f4f2c7
    Howard'sMyHero  10 months ago

    Where have all the penny loafers gone?

    Long time passing …!

    ( pennies are on the endangered list, save a penny )

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  16. Ulf
    UltraLameFest2  10 months ago

    You might go shoeless, but at least you won’t go hungry.

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  17. Sea chapel
    6turtle9  10 months ago

    Penny Lame is in my ears and in my eyes

    There beneath the brown plumage skies

    I sit and meanwhile back

    Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout

    Sister lame is selling poppies from a tray

    And though she feels as if she’s in a play

    She is anyway

    Very lame

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  18. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  10 months ago

    Penny olives? When I was in junior high I got a pair of penny loafers. I found a pair of small Austrian coins on the sidewalk. They fit the penny slots perfectly.

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  19. Thinker
    Sisyphos  10 months ago

    That would be an abuse of sandwich meat! Hence, I will not participate in this sham waste of food that gives away its answer to anyone with even the slightest reading upside-down script skills! How lame can this ’toon get?

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  20. Screenshot 20220517 145611
    Space Captain Cody(G  10 months ago

    A better mouse trap? Don’t let your penny loafers loaf. Stalemate or Deadlock, w/tieing up your chess pieces.

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  21. Skipper
    3hourtour Premium Member 10 months ago

    …misuse of olive oil will not be tolerated…

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