FurBabies by Nancy Beiman for May 15, 2024

  1. Ericka huggins
    JLChi  2 months ago

    Maybe because the goalie doesn’t have a stick.

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  2. Missing large
    stairsteppublishing  2 months ago

    Because the four-footed family members can’t reach under the refrigerator and it is more food watching Katie trying to retrieve the toys.

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  3. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member 2 months ago

    GOALLLL!!! Cue overexcited commentator!

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  4. 16914740417144785387296898810443
    jasonsnakelover  2 months ago

    The refrigerator’s in the way.

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  5. Avt freyjaw nurse48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 2 months ago

    Because it’s fun! There are toy graveyards all over the house.

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  6. Missing large
    saylorgirl  2 months ago

    That’s the way it was with my former dog who loved to play with his tennis ball. It was always under the sofa, chair or under the ottoman. I miss him so much.

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  7. Fox picture avatar  2
    phritzg Premium Member 2 months ago

    It’s simple: the toys are under the fridge because there’s no room for any more of them under the couch.

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  8. Unnamed  1
    Doctor Toon  2 months ago

    At least once a week I gather all the cat toys I can find, and there are a lot of them

    Vacuum and sweep the floors and then it’s fun time

    After the trauma of the vacuum, a rousing round of flying toys perks them up

    Our living room looks like a playhouse for cats, because it is

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  9. Dscf0051
    sarahbowl1 Premium Member 2 months ago

    Innocent little darlings!

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  10. 250
    ladykat  2 months ago

    Ask the cat.

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  11. Straycat 1
    MFRXIM Premium Member 2 months ago

    It’s a frequent exercise looking under everything for the cat’s favorite toy; a mostly hairless blob with only half a tail. ;-)

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  12. Img 5818
    eenie66 Premium Member 2 months ago

    When my girls see me take the broom handle from the closet they get very excited because they know I’m going to sweep for toys under the fridge, stove and tv stand! Soooo many toys!

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  13. 1968d0a4 637e 4030 90bd e88b8da5572d
    darcyandsimon  2 months ago

    sqwee…..eee. Too funny! And I noticed the (rabbit? mouse?) head in panel one and thought, “why does that look like a (rabbit? Mouse?).” Duuuhhh…Keep ’em coming, Nancy!

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  14. Sp david
    shamino  2 months ago

    A yardstick works wonders for retrieving toys out from under large furniture and appliances.

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  15. U badge 2 furbabies
    nancyb creator 2 months ago

    I had a nice drawing of Floof using her paw as a hockey stick but MARU the wonderful, ridiculous Japanese cat had a new video where he hits paper balls into a homemade Pachinko game with his tail. I went back and redrew Floof’s ‘slap shot’.

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  16. Missing large
    the lost wizard  2 months ago

    Just keep up that look of innocence. :)

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  17. Rose 1
    Zoomer&Yeti  2 months ago

    Floof had some OOMPH behind that slap shot!

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  18. Rose 1
    Zoomer&Yeti  2 months ago

    Love Floof’s innocent “Who me?” look in the last panel.

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  19. Chicken and knight
    ericlscott creator 2 months ago

    You’re trending, Floof. But then, you’re always trending with me.

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  20. Missing large
    kinich79  2 months ago

    Hey how about the Fur Babies playing soccer. Our mixed breed LAB loves to play soccer with one of his doggie toys. He is not bad at it!

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  21. 136061 pic
    Mike Baldwin creator 2 months ago

    That is so true!

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  22. Screen shot 2022 12 09 at 3.05.53 pm
    davewhamond creator 2 months ago

    My dog Reuben LOVES playing ball. But whenever we go to play, we can never find one. I was vacuuming and found about 15 balls deep under our couch. Reuben was a top scorer and I didn’t even know it!

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  23. Screenshot  47
    tammyspeakslife Premium Member 2 months ago

    I’m the one who digs the stuff out from under furniture for my daughter’s cat. I don’t even live there. LOL

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  24. Ten cats oliver annie kiss 81322
    daleandkristen  2 months ago

    Every night just before bedtime I play ‘mouse’ with my kitties. Mice, rattling balls and a kick snake are chased / batted everywhere. Their favorite ones are the 1st to get slap shot and lost under a piece of furniture.

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  25. Ten cats oliver annie kiss 81322
    daleandkristen  2 months ago

    The third panel is SOOOO accurate.

    My son uses the fireplace utensils to dig under the stove and furniture almost daily and finds many of the favorites toys … plus some bonus accompanying dust.

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  26. Logo
    Chris Sherlock  2 months ago

    I used to have a female black and white cat who looked like an adult version of Floof, and her favorite toy to play with was milk jug rings. You can guess where the rings ended up going. :-D

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  27. Bluebell s kittens
    Mary  2 months ago

    Once a toy disappears, or stops moving, to cats it ceases to exist.

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  28. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 2 months ago

    A true mystery Kate.

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