Garfield by Jim Davis for June 01, 2009

  1. Stewiebrian
    pouncingtiger  over 14 years ago

    I hope it wasn’t good to the last DROPPING!

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  2. Oakenshield.avatar.1
    Goneaway  over 14 years ago

    Next one is tuna flavored…

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  3. Lectroid
    johnparadox  over 14 years ago

    Of course Garfield’s favorite would be LASAGNA

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  4. Lady with a bow
    ejcapulet  over 14 years ago

    I SO did not want to know about that!

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  5. Cd
    jelzap  over 14 years ago

    i wonder how they make a canary flavoured coffee i would love chocolate flavour

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  6. 00000
    alondra  over 14 years ago

    I love the flavoured coffees and creamers but I’m not quite ready to try canary flavour.

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  7. Just checkin
    Northwoodser  over 14 years ago

    His taste is for the birds

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  8. Bo
    scottsilby  over 14 years ago

    I hope you make it home for Christmas. Vive le riene!

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  9. J0262810
    Wildmustang1262  over 14 years ago

    Or Garfield would love to taste a pizza flavoured coffee, either! I am drinking my English Toffee flavoured coffee that taste so delish!

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  10. Purple monkey
    purplemonkey  over 14 years ago

    ok..who is reading everyone’s comments and then wondering to himself….who is reading all these comments…..

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  11. Minotaurfanart
    Joe_Minotaur  over 14 years ago

    Was that canary or “cannery”?

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  12. Avatar 4101
    g6793  over 14 years ago

    H’mmm. I had Almond Roca flavored myself today…I’ll pass on Canary though (my cats’d probably love it!)

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  13. Crashhummer
    Redshoescow  over 14 years ago

    I love cats, they tested like chicken.:)

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  14. Purposeinc wolf
    ladywolf17  over 14 years ago

    No Garfield No! Bad kitty.

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  15. The dark knight
    fgdswimmer3  over 14 years ago

    he’s not that bad ladywolf17, he’s a cat, thats what cats do, kill the flying creatures that hit their head on the window!

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  16. Missing large
    Grazer  over 14 years ago

    Jelzap: Mocha.

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  17. Coraline
    leothepup  over 14 years ago

    mmmmmmm canary

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  18. Missing large
    germanvisitor  over 11 years ago

    Black Canary

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  19. Yes
    Random Big Nate Fan  about 3 years ago

    Is this a rerun? I don’t think it is, but it might be.

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  20. F49f31bc4edebe3a39060b8bfe60e08e
    Asriel  over 1 year ago


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  21. 630e023d f376 48da 90ad dc69b25be506
    jisoostan  about 1 year ago

    i bet he brewed it himselff

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