Garfield by Jim Davis for August 07, 2011

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    michael100  almost 13 years ago

    that’s what you get odie.

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  2. Missing large
    codycab  almost 13 years ago

    Garfield doesn’t take accidents very well.Not even in his sleep.

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  3. Mark cartoon
    mark63  almost 13 years ago

    your getting slow Garf I remember when you would of pushed Oddie into the hole and burried him .

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  4. Carroll   an f40
    adubman  almost 13 years ago

    Garfield should know never to sleep in a construction zone.

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  5. Stewiebrian
    pouncingtiger  almost 13 years ago

    I’d like to see the sequel to this.

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  6. 183833 200872979923237 136387699705099 796311 3918413 n
    kptheartist  almost 13 years ago

    bone brain… :D

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  7. Image002
    hsawlrae  almost 13 years ago

    Judging from the first panel, it looks like Garfield might have a new little friend next door.

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  8. Froggman tg
    Frogman_tg  almost 13 years ago
    I’d like to see what happens when the little girl gets Garf into the circle with the crayons…but wait! isn’t that a pack of cigarettes??? ☺
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  9. Acratone cathedral right front at burlington shop portland
    Seiko  almost 13 years ago

    In spite of himself, Garfield may purrrr for her.

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  10. My eeyore
    IdahoSpud  almost 13 years ago

    How did she get chalk to write on grass?

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  11. My lionel train
    taker49  almost 13 years ago

    Hmm, a new character Garfield needs to train?

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  12. Brad tele
    jpsomebody  almost 13 years ago

    Odie needs to replace his divot.

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  13. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member almost 13 years ago

    Why does the title panel look so familiar?

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  14. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member almost 13 years ago

    And why is the website behaving so bizarrely today?

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  15. Heart2
    Josie718  almost 13 years ago

    lol…. love it

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  16. Airbrush 20240305192116
    Number Three  almost 13 years ago

    Awwww, Leave him alone Garfield!


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  17. Layla
    sootdapple  almost 13 years ago

    Wow, Garfield is admitting he has a brain, what ever material it is made out of!

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  18. Missing large
    mrnathat  almost 13 years ago

    I don’t think the “grass” was supposed to be green. Most cartoonists don’t do the Sunday coloring themselves.

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  19. Sherpa avatar
    policelimit Premium Member almost 13 years ago

    I’ve heard of sidewalk chalk. But grass chalk?

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  20. Heroesv hf dwarves 07 fire dragon
    timzoom  almost 13 years ago

    Caution:digging zone

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  21. Missing large
    aashichhabra  almost 13 years ago


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  22. Missing large
    Kathleen Healey Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Mrs. Feeney’s (or however you spell it) granddaughter.

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  23. 1e3b9a18 b869 458b 8ad0 3978148c491b
    Foxtrot Guy  over 3 years ago

    Cats in the ground

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  24. Missing large
    richinsbree  almost 2 years ago

    How did she draw on the grass with chalk?

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