Garfield by Jim Davis for July 17, 2020

  1. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  almost 4 years ago

    Probably she’ll faint soon

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  2. Missing large
    codycab  almost 4 years ago

    Then people will ask each other, “Who’s the chick that owns that flowery car?”

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  3. B986e866 14d0 4607 bdb4 5d76d7b56ddb
    Templo S.U.D.  almost 4 years ago

    no, Jon… just no

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  4. Garfieldstanding
    arjun.shriv  almost 4 years ago

    Quick Quiz, Would you rather see this for 1 minute, or be blinded for 10 days?

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  5. Aaue7mcpja1uopxbdjvwu8qwfbx4eqtxshds 5xqqi 9
    SamuelMeasa  almost 4 years ago

    John don’t be silly, you can’t wallpaper a car.Vinyl Wrapping one on the other hand.

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  6. Cool hand luke
    Cool Hand Luke Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    At least he didn’t epoxy paisley corduroy to his ’61 MGA with his drunken friends,,,,,,,,,

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  7. Rick o shay
    wiatr  almost 4 years ago

    That’s not decorative, it’s camouflage!

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  8. Rudy says hello
    Lucy Rudy  almost 4 years ago

    I had a kitchen in the 70s with that exact wallpaper!

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  9. Bead braid p
    I Mad Am I  almost 4 years ago

    I have seen camouflage clothing… ships… tanks… airplanes… and so much more. People and devices that can blend into the environment. While Shelf-paper might make an automobile a bit more Urban… I have always thought that a decent rust job would make a far better Urban Camouflage! Cops practically can’t see them from the rust! ;)

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  10. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  almost 4 years ago

    Wallpaper on the outside or on the inside?

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  11. Dragon logo symbol silhouette
    E.S.K.  almost 4 years ago

    I’m just waiting until Jon introduces Liz to Irma’s Diner

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  12. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  almost 4 years ago

    Sure, Jon. If you want a clown car.

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  13. Missing large
    billyk75  almost 4 years ago

    An old hippie car.

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  14. Missing large
    rdav1248961 Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    That ice cream eating contest last Sunday is still freezing Jon’s brain.

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  15. Bleach 170
    KenseidenXL  almost 4 years ago

    At least hippies painted flowers on their cars….

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  16. Img015
    DaveG1960  almost 4 years ago

    Hey man, can you dig it? Yeah man, far out and in the groove!

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  17. Tasha icon
    mrcooncat  almost 4 years ago

    I’m sure I saw many Volkswagen buses with that exact paint scheme on them way back when I was young.

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  18. Missing large
    jpayne4040  almost 4 years ago

    I’ll call that a “no”.

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  19. 288880045 10221076520606585 8531060568730745726 n
    dlkrueger33  almost 4 years ago

    Only if it’s a VW bus….and even then. A “Peace Sign” painted on the side and “Make Love Not War” slogan would be a better idea.

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  20. Photo 1544502062 f82887f03d1c
    The Collector  almost 4 years ago

    Because what Jon definitely needs is to make himself even more of a target for ridicule.

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  21. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  almost 4 years ago

    I don’t think it’ll work, Jon…in the summer, the glue will probably melt off!

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  22. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  almost 4 years ago

    I was overjoyed to see A US Acres image link with an “Updated Today” tag, below in the “You Might Also Like …” section below the comments, but it only led to a red notice saying that " This feature could not be found". Sigh. I thought it was back, but nope.

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  23. Flowers pininterest
    whenlifewassimpler  almost 4 years ago

    Things that make you go hmmmmm(and what the heck is he thinking)…..

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  24. Photo 1501706362039 c06b2d715385
    Zebrastripes  almost 4 years ago

    Loony tune!

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  25. Cbba29af 1a9b 4f8d 9072 353924fa77e5
    Markov Da Robot  almost 4 years ago

    Wallpaper. On the car. Does anyone else see how that could go wrong?

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  26. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  almost 4 years ago

    Jon is truly off the wall!

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  27. Littloopy
    A R V reader  almost 4 years ago

    Looks more like the same pattern as his evening wear.

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  28. Sp david
    shamino  almost 4 years ago

    … all I see is a frog and a bear in a rainbow-colored Studebaker …

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  29. Caledonian railway engine
    mail2jbl  almost 4 years ago

    What, does he want his car to look like a VW Bug from the 70s?

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  30. Jem character raya large 570x420
    cubswin2016  almost 4 years ago

    I knew that Liz would eventually snap if she spent too much time around Jon.

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  31. 140470 modestep music minimalism dubstep
    I Luv Dubstep  almost 4 years ago

    #Bring Lyam Bmack

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  32. Purplepeopleeater small
    Purple People Eater  almost 4 years ago

    This looks like Jon’s car, but I don’t think that’s Liz standing next to it.

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  33. Iconanimestatic
    karmakat01  almost 4 years ago


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  34. Cave cat
    CaveCat87  almost 4 years ago

    Not even Herbie the Love Bug would approve of Jon’s car if it were covered with wallpaper.

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  35. Missing large
    johnnyescott Premium Member almost 4 years ago

    Not wallpaper, go with shelf paper

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  36. Photo
    AustinKniga-Bartlett  almost 4 years ago

    As if dorky ties weren’t enough…

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  37. Nextdoor avatar 05
    JD'Huntsville'AL  almost 4 years ago

    No, no, no. Not WALL paper — SHELF paper. That’s what Johnny Dangerously did.

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  38. Stinker
    cuzinron47  almost 4 years ago

    I’d go with the lemon wallpaper.

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  39. Missing large
    Buckeye67  almost 4 years ago

    This may be just what it takes to get Liz to wise up and look elsewhere for male companionship.

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  40. Personal picture
    AndyMoser  almost 4 years ago

    Jon’s idea of using wallpaper to paint his car is something that college students do in frat houses if you ask me. #ignorance101

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  41. Large 138 1384638 doge doge thug life png
    somebody stole my stem  almost 4 years ago

    yaw yaw yaw

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  42. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  almost 4 years ago

    most excellent

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  43. Missing large
    fix-n-fly  almost 4 years ago

    Jon – once again you have removed all doubt that all your taste is in your mouth…

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  44. Blue harvest
    BJ40  almost 4 years ago

    Wallpaper pattern made Liz go blind.

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  45. Dc7a8he 6894e215 d1a0 4e68 951c 449706fa1d63
    WentBrown  almost 4 years ago


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  46. Missing large
    geese28  almost 4 years ago

    Compared to Jon’s annual spring dance I’d say im not surprised

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  47. 20240115 184707
    NyahNyahNyah  almost 4 years ago

    Decals. They make decals to go on cars, now-a-days, Jon.

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  48. 2017 ford gt earns gene ritvo award for design and elegance on everyman driver
    Destroyermc25  almost 4 years ago


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  49. 53e5dfeaed76c89f103c3646a8370c88
    Odie's best friend  over 2 years ago

    she is broken

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