Gary Markstein for August 16, 2022

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    thelordthygod666  7 months ago

    A new study found 2500 Americans with polar-opposite views on abortion availability, gun control and immigration. It then asked each if they would be willing to listen to a tape of someone explaining why they took the opposite view. Two-thirds of the people agreed to listen. Ten percent changed their viewpoint.[]

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  2. Missing large
    wellis1947 Premium Member 7 months ago

    I would really be interested in the number of people who “changed” their “viewpoint” and then stuck with that change in the face of opposition to their new position.

    Their new “position” strikes me as being “grounded” in nothing more than trying to get along by getting along and is not anchored in any actual deep-seated belief

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  3. E067 169 48
    Darsan54 Premium Member 7 months ago

    This cartoon is only accurate on the right side.

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  4. Cottagepainting   copy  2
    StackableContainers  7 months ago

    Since 2016, Republicans don’t just lie, they transformed into a physical manifestation of the concept of lying.

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  5. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  7 months ago

    Evidence doesn’t lie. That’s why Orange Traitor had his illegal residence searched and Hillary Clinton that cooperated with law enforcement didn’t. It’s also why Hillary was never charged with a crime.

    It’s why if there is fairness in the USA Orange Traitor will not only be charged, but found guilty of all the crimes they actually charge him with against the people of the USA.

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  6. Avat
    Radish the old word monger Premium Member 7 months ago

    Trump said the classified documents were planted on him, then he said they were declassified, then he said they were privileged, then he wanted them back. Trump lies as easily as most people breath.

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  7. Kernel
    Diane Lee Premium Member 7 months ago

    Alternative facts have made logical discourse impossible. It is possible to reason from established facts and at least consider each other’s viewpoint and possibly make some progress toward uniting our country. But, the right wing media has been presenting a twisted view of reality, designed to benefit the rich who own those outlets, for about 40 years now. And, in the last five years or so, the truth can’t even be twisted enough to suit their purposes, which is not a problem because their brainwashing has resulted in a number of people who will believe them when they tell out right lies.

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  8. Lifi
    rossevrymn  7 months ago

    yep………………………………muddy usa, firebird gunner, opspecial, ultra ammosexual, sammy snyder, kat and alfred brown?"

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