Gary Varvel for June 25, 2022

  1. Gocomics
    Shod  3 months ago

    I’m sure second amendment mass shootings at schools will make up the difference…

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  2. Tf 117
    RAGs  3 months ago

    Don’t worry, the rich will just take their girlfriends and mistresses to other countries, the way they have always done.

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  3. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  3 months ago

    Death will be quite busy, as this decision will kill women, just as surely as the decision to allow every small penised male to go everywhere packing a loaded weapon will also kill many more Americans.

    Way to make the USA a conservative third world hell hold.

    Vote Blue Indefinitely, our freedoms depend on it.

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  4. Missing large
    dnie  3 months ago

    64 MILLION lost babies’ prayers have been answered.

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  5. The eyetwist
    bkincaid  3 months ago

    ^ More like, 60 million MAGAts got their prejudices and fake Christianity catered to…

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  6. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member 3 months ago

    Well first SCOTUS says guns are great and now let woman die in childbirth. Such Pro Life people!! Of course god forbids them from giving the expectant mothers and fetuses HEALTHCARE!! They aren’t human and don’t even understand what that means.

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  7. Aatxajyt0k1nbrznnl6tau5xwsuetymyjuhn1v6klq0y=s96 c
    2AndFour  3 months ago

    Good. The end of a silly court ruling that should not have been made in the first place.

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  8. Clint eastwood in magnum force
    guyjen2004 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Abortions via the abortion pill now make up ~50% of abortions. I doubt anyone in OK or wherever getting an abortion is difficult will have a hard time finding an abortion pill. Companies are footing the bill for birthing persons to travel to another state is necessary. Abortions in the US have been slowly dropping and I doubt the trajectory will change one way or the other in the coming years.

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  9. Lord flasheart
    Same2Ubuddy Premium Member 3 months ago

    Thank you, Donald Trump!

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  10. 7fef0c58 c735 494b bf12 f34719f31a06
    Civitas Libertas  3 months ago

    I see another resident troll has returned. The decision by the Supreme Court yesterday was a travesty for everyone except wealthy white Christian males. That’s what this is about and that is what this has always been about. It has nothing to do with the killing of potential and I mean potential babies. It has everything to do with white males being able to exert control and ownership over females. It is the first step in the plan to enact a theocratic white Christian totalitarian patriarchy whereby poor whites, because they have ownership and property rights over womenfolk will defer to the rich regarding political power and direction of the country. Somewhere, the slaveholders of yore are grinning from ear to ear as their societal views are still deeply ingrained in this country writ large. Don’t believe me? The historical parallels are there literally screaming out. All anyone has to do is open a history book.

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  11. Cat icon 2 041722 rendering 1  gigapiz x6 edited
    Stephen Runnels Premium Member 3 months ago

    Varvel and fellow Incels are celebrating.

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  12. Photo
    FreyatheWanderer  3 months ago

    Ha ha ha! A hundred thousand times HA! The Grim Reaper need not worry – there will be plenty of deaths from not just guns, but also women suffering fatal complications due to self-induced or “back alley” abortions. To say nothing of unwanted children being abused, neglected, starved, abandoned, etc. And all those who will die because they don’t have access to affordable health care.

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  13. Tommy lee jones look
    Johnnyrico  3 months ago

    There are many reasons why a woman might want to have an abortion, besides not just wanting child. Being pregnant could be a real health issue for her… Or if she was raped, or in an abusive relationship… Either way, those women who are not resourceful enough to travel to another state where abortion is legal are going to be affected by this. Women are going to die from self inflicted abortions. I mean, honestly… Abortion has been with mankind since the beginning… It’s not going away, no matter what laws are passed… So why not keep it safe and legal?

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  14. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 3 months ago

    The only good that “may” come from this.. is that folk will realize elections have consequences.

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  15. Picture
    MaryBethJavorek1  3 months ago

    as a friend had posted yesterday -Child support payments about to skyrocket in red states!

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  16. Joe the bugatti mulhouse clipped
    Call me Ishmael  3 months ago

    Actually, Death just enjoyed a banner day.

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  17. Rabbit hat
    s49nav  3 months ago

    There there, Grimmy. You can always start another phony war to get us killed. Like Bosnia-Herzigovnia, Libya…

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  18. Gadfly
    Geezer  3 months ago

    What judicial fiat giveth, judicial fiat can taketh away.

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  19. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 3 months ago

    Since 1973 over 63 million babies have been aborted. Think again!

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  20. Avat
    Radish the old word monger Premium Member 3 months ago

    Might be the end of the republigun party too.

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  21. Img 0090
    Another Take  3 months ago

    He’ll do a brisk business in the alleys of illegal abortionists like in the good old days. We’ll get this country back to the ’50s yet by golly by gosh!

    (I wonder how Judge Thomas will vote on the issue of interracial marriage? I suppose it depends if he wants’ to get rid of his wife that day…)

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  22. Minifig2
    silego  3 months ago

    I know a few Canadians who are saying “make a habit of coming up and visiting me. Stay with me, hang out for a week, I will show you the sights… so if you suddenly need to come visit for any reason, I won’t ask any questions, and it won’t look suspicious, since you visit me regularly already”

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  23. Picture
    ChristopherBurns  3 months ago

    Ah yes, the “pro-life” republicans. We’ll weep over fetus’, but gunned down school children are the price of freedom.

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  24. Missing large
    apfelzra Premium Member 3 months ago

    Yeah, there will certainly be plenty of dead women from botched abortions or complications of late pregnancy. “Death” is more likely crying tears of joy.

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  25. Question 63916 960 720
    knutdl  3 months ago

    Why is death sad?

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  26. Bd8757dd 99b6 4546 b69c f1d571714e69
    Tralfaz Premium Member 3 months ago

    …and how many adoptions have you signed up for Mr. Varvel?

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  27. Lord flasheart
    Same2Ubuddy Premium Member 3 months ago

    I nominate this for best cartoon of the day.

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  28. Sulky chatin
    cwg  3 months ago

    It was a work of fiction anyway.

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  29. Bikerjoe
    brewingbiker  3 months ago

    all this whining and crying, the violence and panic -and all the SCOTUS did was say that it was up to the states. Some states will either severely restrict it (typically to the first 12 or 16 weeks -3-4 months) a few may outright ban it, and others will leave it open, some will leave it open right up until birth -Kalifornia may allow it until a while AFTER birth -some places like Chicago and NYC have allowed post-birth abortions for years, ok, not quite, but you wouldn’t know it by their willingness to let murders out of prison or failure to imprison them. Since in any case, the supreme court DID NOT BAN ANYTHING, why all the violence and crying?

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  30. Missing large
    flpmlp  3 months ago

    I doubt 60 million school kids will be killed!

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  31. Fbab547a f046 46c4 98b5 08cf0dc801d6
    Kracklin Rosie  3 months ago

    Joe Biden’s opinion on abortion today is the opposite of what he used to believe. In 2006 on PBS he stated that he believed that Roe was the wrong decision. He said he didn’t believe that abortion was a choice or a right. “I think it’s always a tragedy. And I think it should be rare and safe.” This is exactly the opinion of conservatives and Republicans now and pretty much always been. This is a classic example of the difference between them and the Democrats who are always moving the goalposts further to the left and apart of opposition having no convictions. Democrats don’t care what’s best for the country, they care solely for power and will do anything to demonize their opponents, patronize any group for votes no matter how idiotic or destructive and politicize any issue to gain it and stay in office.

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  32. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 3 months ago

    Y’know, white supremacists have gotten downright violent about their “White Replacement” paranoia. Given that almost 60% of all abortions are by “The Blacks” and Latinos, you’d think it would be, shall we say, counter productive to make abortions illegal.

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  33. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 3 months ago
    Women might not have a vote at the Maga table, but they are on the Maga menu. Celebrate now, with your happy-happy joy-joy dances. And try to ignore those many, many millions of enraged and highly motivated women in the streets. To quote Admiral Yamamoto on December 7th, 1941:

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

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  34. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 3 months ago

    The Heritage Foundation (who gave DJT the recommendations for his three SCOTUS picks) has seriously suggested that laws should be written mandating that women who have abortions or who seek abortions should be incarcerated to “mandatory psychiatric custody”.

    So, will slave states repopulate horror asylums with new victims, to be featured in future Travel Channel episodes of angry, twisted spirits?

    “Fake news”, you say? Search arg Heritage mandatory psychiatric custody

    Go ahead. Tell us all that “It can’t happen here.” I reckon mistresses of politicians will be exempt.

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  35. Missing large
    PaulGoes  3 months ago

    He’s just thinking about all the extra work he’s going to have from women dying in child birth because there is no exception for the health of the mother. He’s also thinking about the children who will die because they have no health coverage after the Republicans overturn the ACA.

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  36. Missing large
    Rich Douglas  3 months ago

    Life at conception is a religious belief. It is not science. Sadly, this ruling will result in MORE dead babies, not fewer. Moms, too.

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  37. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  3 months ago

    That “killing babies” meme is yet another of the R(ong) Wing’s big lies.

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  38. Trumpafix
    zerorest  3 months ago

    You make me wish for retroactive birth control.

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  39. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 3 months ago

    What’s the proper punishment for getting an abortion?

    Abortion is MURDER, right??????

    A capital crime.

    All those directly involved should be put to death, after a short trial. The woman, the doctor, any direct assistants. Long prison sentences for any staff, and anyone abetting the CRIME, like referrals or help with transportation.


    Because pro life!!!!!!!!!!!!

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