Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli for November 21, 2009

  1. Missing large
    Llewellenbruce  over 14 years ago

    Don’t let the door hit you in the bleeep when you leave.

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  2. Mr peanut
    leakysqueaky712  over 14 years ago

    I’ll be glad to take over Uncle Walts care!!!!!!!!

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  3. Rainbow phoenix   wide
    Ravenswing  over 14 years ago

    And we’re freeeee … free-fallin’, yeah …

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  4. B8b14dce2f3161ff864f5dfd89ee5a51
    avarner  over 14 years ago

    J.S. really should have written in Donald Trump for this…..

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  5. Dscn3076
    oldbooger  over 14 years ago

    Here comes da ax. I do like the cane rocking chair that Gertie is sitting in.

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  6. New dollar  2
    BuzzDog  over 14 years ago

    I’m not defending Gertie, but this is so typical of what human resources professionals tackle with managers all the time. If the employee’s attention to the task has seemed secondary, why did you ignore it and wait until there was a tremendous and possibly dangerous event to finally address it?

    We all make mistakes, and the reason why most of us are still employed is because there were people who cared enough to help get us back on track.

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  7. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member over 14 years ago

    Quick switch from Corkies Diner to Walts house, thank goodness. I’m surprised that no one has asked, ‘Is there a problem Gertie? We’ve noticed a change in your performance’. Firing Gertie should not be automatic. Not only is she part of the family they probably want to avoid looking for someone to take her place. Taking care of him themselves or putting Walt in a home is their only other option. In Gasoline Alley land that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the Old Comic Strip Home. But in real life a home can be an expensive and unpleasant option. —————————— pbarnrob said, The obvious charm and warmth of the diner makes me think (vaguely) of Callahan’s Place on Long Island (in Spider Robinson’s long series of Callahan stories). —– Calahan’s Place was great until they jumped the shark. I still buy, and enjoy them but the storyline has steadily gone downhill since Spider started channeling his inner Heinlein. Dont get me wrong, I live RAH! But it’s not Spiders story any more, he concentrates too much on bringing back the whole Valentine Michael Smith thing. I’m surprised they havent had a full blown water brother ceremony. And he killed the Doc! The books were better when they were just a series of short stories loosely held together by a larger storyline running in the background.

    And by the way, I’ve always loved the RAH based names running around out there. Max Starman Jones and Baslim the Begger, very cool. If I was to switch I’d go for Johnny Rico. “Bugs Mr. Rico! Zillions of them!” Great book, movie makes me ill.

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  8. 00000
    alondra  over 14 years ago

    Oh no, Skeezix, please hear her side of the story!

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  9. It  s a gas station    by todd sullest
    Max Starman Jones  over 14 years ago

    Again, fantastic art work!!

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  10. P306 ltpp0306106569jcp 15
    ORteka  over 14 years ago

    I hate to see Gertie go! I can only imagine what will happen with Walt now. Corky, is never attending his diner so that means if he watches over Walt, he will be lucky if he attends to him at all. Skeezix is also up in his years, which makes like the blind leading the blind. And I hate to think of a rest home. A GA old folks home is fine, but in the real world I can’t think of one rest home that I would put my worst enemy in. I’ve been through a lot of them, and also my son makes deliveries to them as well, it would leave you with shudders. I can’t imagine the money that is paid to them and for the treatment the patients get. There might be some in this world but very, very few. So Macushlalondra, I agree with you, if Skeezix is any sort of a man he should listen to her side of the story. And the ordeal she went through. Axe-grinder, I was reading some of your posts on here. I agree with you whole heartily. But like one said there is “trolls” in each post, in this one there is a couple. Eventually, Jim will catch on and do like he did with NotNorman take him to the Bermuda Triangle where we don’t have to read their posts. Hope its sooner than later. The best thing to do is totally ignore them, like I do.

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  11. Missing large
    EarlWash  over 14 years ago

    ORteka and Susan, I concur. Thank you both for your inputs. It saved me a lot of typing.

    Have a fantastic and positive weekend.

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  12. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member over 14 years ago

    There have been many times in GA were the cast has done outrageous things with few consequences. Santa Slim, for breaking and entering. Slim and his silly meteor escapade. Slim again, for bringing an obvious con-man to replace the minister. And, finally, just last week Slim took a crowbar to an ATM. Maybe you have to be Slim to get away with poor judgement?

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  13. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member over 14 years ago

    Good point, Jazzlily

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  14. Sc000fe15a
    DebJ4  over 14 years ago

    I think that what Skeezix is going to say is “We ALL know that you have a mad mash going with Bird. I think you should give some serious consideration to the possibilities of a future with Bird. Walt’s family would NEVER want you to feel so obligated to the family to keep on taking care of Walt that you passed up an opportunity for true love. ”

    Then Bird will pop out with an engagement ring and another marriage proposal. OR - Bird will pop out with the ring and proposal BEFORE Skeezix makes his speech.

    At any rate - what Walt is going to say will set the scene for Gertie finding true love with Bird.

    Then, either Bird will settle down in Gasoline Alley and move in with Gertie and Walt while continuing to do stuff like make records of his harmonica playing. OR Gertie and Bird will go off on tour together and someone new will turn up to take care of Walt. I am leaning toward the option of Bird moving in with Walt and Gertie. I don’t think that the writer would have invested this much time and effort in the Gertie and Bird story to just let the two of them lope off into the sunset together. I think they will both be sticking around for a while.

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  15. Missing large
    jollyjack  over 14 years ago

    There are good retirement homes. Walt would be better off in a good one. A excursion by the Wallets finding one would be educational. The concept of a good 24/7 caregiver at minimum wage is the fantasy. If you were to find one it would be intrinsically unfair to the caregiver. A common fallacy (especially for the Depresion era folks) is that if you are still in your home (even with help) then you are INDEPENDENT. You are not! Skeezix and Corky should actually be looking for a retirement community. Jim could be free to introduce some of his own new characters in the new venue. I have been following GA for over fifty years and accept some of the Slim, Rufus and Joel buffonery as spacers in the GA saga but miss the prime characters dealing with life’s everyday problems.

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  16. Beatnik 128x128
    ocean17  over 14 years ago

    Yep, I bet Bird is all set to leap out of the coat closet with a diamond as big as the Ritz, first panel Monday morning!


    Last week I wrote to the gocomix people to ask how come they don’t carry The Piranha Club. I told them, “I’m drowning in corn here peeps, what gives?” They said they’d get back to me.

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  17. Axe grinder
    axe-grinder  over 14 years ago

    GRRRRREAT comic!

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  18. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  over 14 years ago

    Where I work at pt they used the excuse of me being behind on the job, I was doing work for two people, they decided not to keep me just days before I was to have surgery on my neck for two vertabray’s. I had to go to HR and they found out there is a ADA policy, which I qualified for disability act as a result I was offered my old pt job back and when I got back I whipped it back to shape. So Gerite is not the only one who would let go. Me was to do medical.

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