Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli for February 23, 2024

  1. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  3 months ago

    Electric Metro? Worse than Electric Acres!! No intelligence there, either artificial or otherwise!

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  2. Cicada avatar
    Dirty Dragon  3 months ago

    Judge Doom bought the streetcar company so he could dismantle it.

    - – - – -

    A full classics update for the 23rd:

    Hallowe’en strikes in the Alley, and the gang wants to scare Uncle Walt… Hipshot has some history with Sudden DeMise, but he doesn’t do law enforcement … Brenda’s career gets stiffed as Livwright hands the next big story to Chuggie … and Slim reaches his limit on helping people get their luggage down from the shelf.

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  3. Missing large
    sergioandrade Premium Member 3 months ago

    There is an Electric Avenue is the Brixton section of London, England, inspired a popular song in 1983.

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  4. Large posters  rjm  whisperflicka and gweedo  2
    Gweedo -it's legal here- Murray  3 months ago

    How long before the pitchforks and torches come out ?

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  5. Missing large
    snsurone76  3 months ago

    How about “Electro Metro”? Got a catchy ring to it.

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  6. Missing large
    therese_callahan2002  3 months ago

    And they’ll name one of the streets Electric Avenue.

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  7. Head spin
    Billavi Premium Member 3 months ago

    They don’t want the town named after fossil fuels, yet the town is mainly comprised of old fossils

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  8. Snoopy
    Darryl Heine  3 months ago

    “Electric Metro”? How about “Electric Company”?

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  9. Og01
    Robert Williams @ Williams Web Solutions  3 months ago

    Gasoline Alley => Electric Avenue, and we’ll take it higher

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  10. Avatar92
    David Rickard Premium Member 3 months ago

    From today’s Comics Curmudgeon:

    In 1918, when this strip began, most American cities, even small ones, had electric streetcar networks. These were only beginning to be displaced by the increasingly popular personal automobile, which hobbyists tinkered with in areas dubbed things like “Gasoline Alley.” I think it would be a fitting end to the strip if they put a light rail line down the middle of the town and it magically allowed Walt to finally, blessedly die, or maybe just non-magically ran him over.

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  11. Noble 10
    BJShipley1  3 months ago

    I’m not taking advice from a grown man who reacted to bad news by taking to his (twin-size) bed like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

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  12. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - 14b4ce]  3 months ago

    In other words, the new name was chosen by a MACHINE and not a human being. Razzberries!!

    And I thought “Gasoline Alley” was the name of the garage.

    Hire Joel&Rufus to move the computer who made that decision across town.

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  13. Missing large
    david.reichert  3 months ago

    Oh no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue, And then we’ll take it higher. ty Eddy Grant.

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  14. Me 2020
    Don Bagert Premium Member 3 months ago

    Can’t Mayor Melba veto this or something?

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  15. Heckle small
    terry R  3 months ago

    Walletville? Skeeixtown?

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