Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley for February 06, 2017

  1. Godzilla  i of the storm by adiraiju d4r0ysf
    Adiraiju  over 7 years ago

    It’s going to be a bad day.

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  2. Boston
    MS72  over 7 years ago

    “Highlights include a rare suit of jousting armor, a wooden statue of St. George and the Dragon, and the newly restored tomb effigy of Lady Francesca de Lasta of Naples.”

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  3. Woody with beer
    WoodEye  over 7 years ago

    Lookin’ a little rough there Rob!

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  4. Plumbbob wilson
    Plumbob Wilson  over 7 years ago

    Reference is a poorly translated Japanese video game from the ‘90s – can’t recall the name of it, though.

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  5. Bits2
    Diat60  over 7 years ago

    The Cat Burglar strikes again!

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  6. Riffdancinlogo
    Riff Gibson Premium Member over 7 years ago

    “All your base are belong to us” is a broken English (“Engrish”) phrase found in the opening cutscene of the 1992 European release of the Mega Drive port of the 1989 arcade video game Zero Wing which became a popular Internet meme. The quote is included in the European version of the game, which features poor English translations of the original Japanese version. [Wikipedia]

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  7. Lonely bike
    aimlesscruzr  over 7 years ago

    You know you’re getting old when the joke in today’s strip completely flies over the heads of a percentage of readers BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T EVEN BORN YET!!!

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  8. Puff ava
    Robert Allen  over 7 years ago

    Nerd Burger!

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  9. Jem character raya large 570x420
    cubswin2016  over 7 years ago

    I don’t think that this mystery will be very hard to solve.

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  10. Missing large
    Philip_beans  over 7 years ago

    Rob looks like I feel.Every.Single.Day.

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  11. Missing large
    Bryan Smith Premium Member over 7 years ago

    “Someone set up us the bomb.” Classic!

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  12. Missing large
    yangeldf  over 7 years ago

    10 minutes later he violently vomited all of it up because those treats are the animal equivalent of cookies and other sweets that you aren’t supposed to eat large amounts of.

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  13. C53dea45 0301 4c83 825e 752a646f6595 236 00000009d87191be tmp
    katzenbooks45  over 7 years ago

    Nice legs there, pinkish!

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  14. Missing large
    trixnnort  over 7 years ago

    also check out the chuck close worcester art museum poster over pinky’s bed. two great references

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  15. Photo
    HerokidPlayz  over 6 years ago

    How Duz Yer Monkee Checkbook?

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