Gil Thorp by Henry Barajas and Rod Whigham for January 04, 2022

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    huskiecoach  9 months ago

    “Pranit Hollywood” – wonder how long Rubin’s had that one in the holster.

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    I watch the NY Knicks play basketball!  9 months ago

    Geesh Pranit Howywood beat Robert Redford HS

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    Gil-doh!  9 months ago

    P1 Mopmans floors continue to shine well into the fourth quarter of the game as we learn that, a: Milford has wormholed to the Detroit, MI area or, b: Redford has taken a long trip down the I-75 corridor for a non-conference beatdown

    P2 selfies for what? Did you win a fantasy league weekly winner t-shirt? Because you scored nine points in a basketball game? Half the kids aren’t interested and most of the rest don’t care, Pran

    P3 with the story plot aimlessly plodding along, R&W attempt to liven things up by playing to GT snarkers with the “Pranit Hollywood” comment

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    Mr Reality  9 months ago

    Sorry PLanit Hollywood we can’t see or hear you. In all reality , Why don’t you stand on a table !

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    nuncanunca  9 months ago

    As a Dad who tells dad jokes, I have to say that is pretty awesome. I would have gladly waited years to deliver that one!

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    artegal  9 months ago

    That has to be one of the most awkward “high fives” I’ve ever seen.

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    chiphilton  9 months ago

    Come on, a single-single is a huge accomplishment.

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    twainreader  9 months ago

    P-1: We find that Gil’s backcourt are secretly “Power Rangers”.

    P-2: After scoring only 9 points, Pranit distracts the team with fishing stories.

    P-3: Golden Boy points sort of right at us and announces: “Wait until we reveal the new VOLTRON FIVE offense!”

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    Irish53  9 months ago

    Yeah. Good thing Gil helped this doosh overcome his lack of confidence

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    bearwku82  9 months ago

    Last basketball season, we had 3 point gunner Tessie Thornton on Mimi’s team and Vic Doucett providing commentary with Dougie Guthrie playing with his go kart. This year we have a kid on Gil’s team who likes chucking it up from downtown. And some ho hum bit characters in Hollis Talley and Landry Carlson. With CK gone, who’s running the point?

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  11. Luhm 2 27 10
    Mopman  9 months ago

    And Ellisburkes is devastated now that his catchphrase for this season has been stolen by the writers. I do like how Pranit bursts into the diner trying to look like he’s a cool Tom Cruise and everyone just blatantly ignores him. And speaking of ignoring, you shouldn’t be ignoring today’s Mopped Up Thorp.

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  12. Mgk
    dadjo  9 months ago

    P1: Nice job on that floor Mop. P2: From an off-camera voice trying to eat his lunch in peace and quiet, P2: . . . “Hey, Can it Pranit.”

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    hifirick1953  9 months ago

    And the guy he was guarding goes 5 for 5 from long range.

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    hifirick1953  9 months ago

    What did fantasy football have to do with this storyline??

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    Ellisburkes  9 months ago

    Person who writes letters after a deadly hurricane uses devastationery.

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    Bluedarter  9 months ago

    Tev is giving him The Look. Keep this up and there’s a beatdown coming.

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