Heart of the City by Steenz for September 27, 2022

  1. Missing large
    codycab  8 months ago

    That must mean they cheated through this whole thing too.

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  2. Opus swivel 2
    Jacob Mattingly   8 months ago

    It took me a second to remember these were the Lost and Found guys. Also Charlotte, bud, it IS a suprise: There was no foreshadowing of who was behind this and these two dipsticks haven’t shown up since their first appreance. It’s also a disapointment: I mean this twist isn’t without some merit: it’s nice to have more recurring antagonists than Just Dana (Whose one storyline away from full on frenemy with Heart), and diffrent ones that are less Bullies and more conmen, and the line “what can we say we love crime” is an all timer. So the characters aren’t bad.. but as a twist it’s INCREDIBLY weak, with no build up, and better candiates in the arc (I.e. the red haired kid who told Dean about it in the first place and could’ve been simply leading him to it on purpose, or Dean’s friend whose name I already forgot who showed up once in this arc and then vanished when he coudl’ve just been brett). Steenz can do better than this and for all the build up this is a pretty weak payoff. I’m also ENTIRLEY bummed we saw not one iota of the tournament. What’s the point of setting one up if we son’t see a match even in micro and just… cut to our heroes having won? I get like 80% of tournament arcs it’s more about the sinsiter doings around the tournament but come on. I’m not expecting full matches but at least a montage. Did not expect to rant this much or come away this disapointed.

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  3. Image7
    Somebuddy  8 months ago

    Off-topic :

    Only for fans of Mark Tatulli.

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  4. Sixshotprofile
    Decepticomic  8 months ago

    What the—? Who are these 2 losers? I’ll tell you who they’re NOT: the Spumanti Bros! And that’s all that matters! Sigh… Well, it’s not like those 2 sociopaths would’ve actually participated in a card game.

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  5. 2d1328c3 abc4 45fc 8176 7fda0ff02dc2
    eladee AKA Wally  8 months ago

    I just sent in my request to GoComics to add the Heart Classics by Mark Tatulli as an option. I urge everyone else to do the same. Be sure to mention that you’ll enjoy reading BOTH the old and the new versions. It may help in their decisions. I will be reading both if I can get the option. I’ve always enjoyed my daily dose of Steenz but I’d also love to revisit the old characters when they were younger. Good Luck everyone!

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