GoComics’ nationally recognized brands entertain readers of all ages. Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, Doonesbury, Cathy and hundreds of other recognized comics and cartoons entertain our users with fresh content every day of the week.

Why advertise on GoComics.com

Comics are a staple of the daily routine for millions of readers worldwide. How is GoComics.com different from other entertainment sites? First, there’s quality. Readers come to our site to read comics from creators they recognize and trust. We carefully select and review all of our published brands and we are the official digital licensor for most of the content we publish. It’s also all about relationships. Readers’ relationships with the characters are much stronger and last longer than ties to basic news feeds or user-generated content. It’s a happy addiction that refreshes the mind with daily laughter and enlightenment.

For marketers, the users’ daily need to access our high-quality, branded content is where our success begins. Every day, our network of websites, mobile portals, distributed widgets/gadgets and email newsletters stimulates and retains our users’ attention unlike any other type of generic (and boring!) content. If you’re a media planner looking to associate your offers with branded entertainment, one of our publications can provide the quality, demographics and reach you’ll need. If you’re looking for a cross-media, multi-screen advertising partner, GoComics has the solution for you.

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