Henry Payne for July 30, 2011

  1. Missing large
    ARodney  almost 12 years ago

    Actually, they do. It’s called raising your credit limit with tax hikes. If there’s another way to do it, I’d like to see the math. Michele Bachmann, of course, deals with credit card debt by charging even more on the card, but not paying. How well do you think that’ll work as a long-term strategy?

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  2. Missing large
    keechum  almost 12 years ago

    Watch interest rates go sky high if there is a government default. So, that’s like, (money out of your pocket tax hike.)

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  3. Lum happy
    yohannbiimu  almost 12 years ago

    Meanwhile, the budget they’re “working on” today was SUPPOSED to have been worked out 365 days ago (you know, back when the Democrats were running both sides of the legislature). So, how is it that REPUBLICANS are being irresponsible? Some of you people are so delusional that it saddens me that your vote voids the vote of people who are actually paying attention, and have a stake in what happens to this country.

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