Henry Payne for September 01, 2011

  1.  the animation show
    fargopete  over 12 years ago

    oh, bother.

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  2. Ahm8 perceptor
    perceptor3  over 12 years ago

    They need a General Electric corporate pig in the car, too!

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  3. Missing large
    wolfhoundblues1  over 12 years ago

    Small buisness owners? More regulations for you.

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  4. Missing large
    stoic567  over 12 years ago

    Barack Obama is a failure as President of the United States. He should resign now. Does that help clear the confusion?

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  5. Jollyroger
    pirate227  over 12 years ago

    Is Cheney jealous? LOL!

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  6. Reagan ears
    d_legendary1  over 12 years ago

    Funny how he didn’t stop War Shrub from handing out billions to the banks in the first place.

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  7. Missing large
    feverjr Premium Member over 12 years ago

    Cheney is all heart…..

    “Though Dick Cheney agreed with bailing out the banking industry with a $700 billion federal infusion, he says in his memoir that he would have “preferred” that the government not have bailed out GM with $13.4 billion."


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