Henry Payne for October 27, 2011

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    grayhares01  almost 12 years ago

    That’s ridiculous, you can’t lampoon Obama. You’d risk being called a racist by trout and Eryx…

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    dtroose  almost 12 years ago

    Not true. Jon Stewart still criticizes Obama. Maybe not as much as Republicans, but they many stupidly criticize everything.

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  3. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  almost 12 years ago

    Just got hooked up to satellite so I could get Comedy Central. Watching a half hour to an hour of Jon Stewart will give you more intelligence, with wit, than the last 30 years of “Reaganomics” provided the country. And yes, most humorists, like Stewart, let the chips fall where they may. “Liberal” just means thinking and aware, ready to accept new ideas and information, rather than just swallow re-hashed dogma, so yes, “liberal” is a proud label for any thinking human.

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  4. Lew. shaved beard jul 11
    leweclectic  almost 12 years ago

    Three definitions of Liberalism:

    lib·er·al·ism [líbbərə lìzzəm, líbbrə lìzzəm] n

    1. progressive views: a belief in tolerance and gradual reform in moral, religious, or political matters.

    2. politics political theory stressing individualism: a political ideology with its beginnings in western Europe that rejects authoritarian government and defends freedom of speech, association, and religion, and the right to own property.

    3. economics free-market economics: an economic theory in favor of free competition and minimal government regulation.

    Further, it is tolerance, broad-mindedness, open-mindedness, moderation, freethinking, laissez-faireantonym: narrow-mindedness.

    Which are you, by definition, Conservative or Liberal?

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  5. Missing large
    Odon Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    This weeks winner of the Twisted Logic award

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