Henry Payne for September 08, 2012

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    stripseeker  almost 12 years ago

    Everything’s Obama’s fault.Haven’t we heard this a million times since 2008?What often gets overlooked is:End if Clinton admin:+$236 Billion surplus.End of Bush admin:-$11.2 Trillion debt.2008: Everyone has high hopes for Obama to turn things around. 2 wars in progress, trillions spent on same,country run into horrendous financial straits due to wars and crash of stock market.2010:reeps gain control of House, vowing to block everything Obama proposes that would help the economy and put people back to work, for the purpose of making Obama a 1- term president.Country raising hell about the economy.Close election. reep scheme working well.It’s all Obama’s fault.God help us all.

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    ninety_nine_percent  almost 12 years ago

    Obama is a lot better than GW Bush.

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    rini1946  almost 12 years ago

    I am sorry but clinton is nothing but a what can I get for me. I am betting that if obama gets elected he will get a high paying government job. People forget that he is the one that started the law to give every one a chance to own a house.

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