Henry Payne for September 11, 2015

  1. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  almost 9 years ago

    Stupid toon

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  2. 200
    Michael Peterson Premium Member almost 9 years ago

    And bear in mind that we’re only pretending we don’t know you’ve already got nukes of your own that you won’t allow anyone to inspect.

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  3. Img5
    King_Shark  almost 9 years ago

    From this ludicrous cartoon you’d never guess that the zionist apartheid entity already has an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons – something just reconfirmed by Mordecai Vanunu – and that Iran has at no point attempted to construct a nuclear weapon.

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  4. Kw eyecon 20190702 091103 r
    Kip W  almost 9 years ago

    Only the GOP knows that removing any possible control mechanism we might have over Iran would result in perfect world peace.

    Perfect, smooth, shiny, glassy peace.

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  5. Picture 1
    Theodore E. Lind Premium Member almost 9 years ago

    Still no reasonable suggestion of an alternative to the deal other that another war in the mideast. The choice is simple take the deal, do nothing, or go to war.

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  6. Missing large
    piobaire  almost 9 years ago

    Kip W said: "Only the GOP knows that removing any possible control mechanism we might have over Iran would result in perfect world peace.

    Perfect, smooth, shiny, glassy peace."

    A glowing post, Kip! Admirable.

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  7. Mightymouse
    Longplay Premium Member almost 9 years ago

    don’t worry it’ll be over in a flash

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  8. Wtp
    superposition  almost 9 years ago

    Unlike the Iranians the reconstructionist Christians have Israel’s best interests in mind during end times(as long as they become Christians).“…The numbers 12,000 and 144,000 are variously interpreted in traditional Christianity. Some, taking the numbers in Revelation to be symbolic,1 believe it represents all of God’s people throughout history in the heavenly Church.2 One suggestion is that the number comes from 12, a symbol for totality, which is squared and multiplied by one thousand for more emphasis. Others insist the numbers 12,000 and 144,000 are literal numbers and representing either descendants of Jacob (also called Israel in the Bible) or others to whom God has given a superior destiny with a distinct role at the time of the end of the world.3 One understanding is that the 144,000 are recently converted Jewish evangelists sent out to bring sinners to Jesus Christ during the seven year tribulation period.4 Preterists believe they are Jewish Christians, sealed for deliverance from the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Dispensationalist Tim LaHaye, in his commentary Revelation: Illustrated and Made Plain (Zondervan, 1975), considers the 144,000 in Revelation 7 to refer to Jews and those in Revelation 14 to refer to Christians.5…”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/144000_(number)http://www.discoverrevelation.com/Rev_7.html

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  9. Art1c 2
    dre7861  almost 9 years ago

    Oh yes because its much more preferable that they build one right now. Typical mindless scribbling by Payne

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  10. Img 0048
    Nantucket Premium Member almost 9 years ago

    If you were pushed out of your land and replaced by another group, would you eagerly recognize their right to exist? Picture this with Native Americans claiming this right because they have a longer history than others in the US.

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  11. Missing large
    rick92040  almost 9 years ago

    Clinton had a deal with north Korea not to build nukes but when Bush became president he changed it and voided the deal so they now have nukes. The Iranians were building nukes and now with the deal they say there not going to. What is the solution? With no deal and they build nukes we go to war. With the deal and they build nukes we go to war.With the deal and they don’t build nukes we don’t go to war.It seems to me we should give peace a chance before going to war..

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  12. Missing large
    oneoldhat  almost 9 years ago

    dear ted if you listen the alternative to USA giving go ahead to build nukes are a stepped up sanctions program

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  13. Blmc150922
    sofartotheleftimright  almost 9 years ago

    So how many nukes does the US and Isreal have?

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  14. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  almost 9 years ago

    The WORLD Jewish population (they don’t all support Netanyahu and Likud by any means) is under 14 million people. The population of Iran is over 80 million people. The simple fact is that in a world human population of SEVEN BILLION, why do we keep threatening them all for a radical faction within 14 million???(Who are the ONLY nuclear armed folks in the MIddle East, with hundreds of bombs, and they refuse to comply with international controls on nuclear weapons. It is time to tell THEM to back down and cooperate with the rest of the world.)

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  15. Missing large
    DrDon1  almost 9 years ago

    Why does Payne keep spreading this misinformation? Because gullible people believe it?

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  16. Missing large
    DrDon1  almost 9 years ago

    ^Thanks for your thought-provoking and helpful comment!

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  17. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  almost 9 years ago

    Seagull, that’s Likud and Netanyahu you mean, right?

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