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“in SECURITY” is a humor strip published 6 days/week.  It centers around the newlywed life of Sam & Sedine as they find friends and careers, experience romance, stumble into silly situations, and live their life together. Creator Bea R. was trained in illustration art in Chemnitz, Germany. She moved to America in 2012.


Meet the Cast:


Sam (28) is Sedine’s husband.  He’s the straight man, cleaning up behind his wild wife, and working a nightshift as a security guard.

Sedine (22) is Sam’s wildcat wife—the funny woman of the strip.  Sedine proactively pushes herself into a variety of situations as she pursues friendships, love, and careers.

Roy (27) is Sedine’s cousin and Sam’s best bud and co-worker in security.  He is the wacky, self-styled husband to Charlene, and the proud father of Gabby and Michaela. 

Charlene (29) is Roy’s shy wife and the mother of Gabby and Michaela.  She works as a freelance, online photographer, and is obsessed with normality, and being normal, to avoid being noticed.

Ellie (26) is Sam’s college ex-flame, renting the house next door to Sam & Sedine.  She is sweet and nutty and totally oblivious to reality. 

Sir Pinkypaw III (OW) (1) is Ellie’s cute kitten.

Michaela (3) is Roy and Charlene’s eldest.  She is gabby, indeed, and the reason for Roy and Charlene’s shotgun wedding.

Gabby (1.5) is Roy and Charlene’s youngest.  Gabby by name, but not by nature; Gabby is a stone-faced and disapproving youth.


Hank Hubble Durum (25) is Ellie’s secret admirer.  He is also a workout nerd and football geek with ambitions beyond his cubicle job in the building where Sam and Roy’s maintain security.

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