Ink Pen by Phil Dunlap for August 31, 2010

  1. Large dd2
    zero  about 12 years ago

    What Are Friends For…

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  2. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member about 12 years ago

    He’s got hair, hair, long beautiful hair…

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  3. Missing large
    jmcenanly  about 12 years ago

    Tyr does have a good line of sporting goods

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  4. A service i need
    Kvasir42 Premium Member about 12 years ago

    He does have father issues as in Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams. At least Tyr didn’t have to count all the stones in Wales. Or have his long locks glued to the floor of an abandoned warehouse.

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  5. Grimlock
    Colt9033  about 12 years ago

    He can look on the bright side, Thor keep getting sattled with terrible near impossible situations and half-brother who hates his guts and not his (at the moment.)

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  6. Thrill
    fritzoid Premium Member about 12 years ago

    Tyr may be losing his hair, but someone else is Balder.

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  7. Vwcopcar
    marchman3354  about 12 years ago

    No, not bald folically challanged

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  8. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member about 12 years ago

    A former boss had a sign in his office; “God made a few perfect heads, & covered the rest with hair.”

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  9. Adhdshirt  324x324   324x324   324x324   167x150
    bossyheifer  about 12 years ago

    Women love men with red hair! :)

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  10. 535658 339209472866364 1297576458 n
    cwreenactor  about 12 years ago

    So, does this make Tyr “Baldur.”

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  11. Senmurv
    mrsullenbeauty  about 12 years ago

    Gingers can’t get no love.

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