Ink Pen by Phil Dunlap for October 23, 2010

  1. X phan 64
    invisifan  almost 12 years ago

    It’s all proportional … er … relative?

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  2. Large dd2
    zero  almost 12 years ago

    Hey! I’d date either of them. If they were actually not ‘toons. Not that being a ‘toon makes you a bad person. It just doesn’t MAKE you a person…

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  3. Pw1
    PlaidWolf  almost 12 years ago

    If they were real, i would take Jen first….

    never liked over-blown busts….

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  4. Thrill
    fritzoid Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    The answer is looking you right in the face, ladies. You can find companionship with each other. Here, let me freshen up your drinks, while I set up the camera…

    Anton Chekhov wrote that there was only one way for men and women to be good friends. First they become acquaintances, then they become lovers, and only afterwards can they become really good friends…

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  5. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    If you start out trying to be friends with a woman, & it works, furthur could be a problem because neither wants to screw it up.

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  6. Thrill
    fritzoid Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    If you start out trying to be friends with a woman and then fall for her romantically, it ends badly (unless she likewise falls for you, in which case you might as well give it a shot). Similarly, if you start out romantically inclined towards a woman but you try to win her by being her friend, it also ends badly. If you’re “interested” in her, let her know it up front, because if she assigns you to the “friend” category that’s where you’re likely to stay, however much you wish it were otherwise (and no matter how many Rom-Coms end up differently). I’ve known some couples who would now be called “friends-with-benefits” (although I prefer the term “F- - - Buddies”), and it seems to work for them, but that can potentially go down in flames if one or the other party ends up in an outside, serious relationship…

    My best friend for the last ten years was my girlfriend fifteen years ago. We’ve been through a lot together (and been there for each other when we went through hard times separately), and if I ever get married she’s going to be my “Best Man.” Of course, she’s bisexual, and one of the things we have in common is our taste in women. So far we’ve never been faced with the prospect of competing with each other for one (and I don’t think either of us could handle sharing one), but that just may be luck…

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