In the Sticks by Nathan Cooper for July 04, 2022

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    AndrewSihler  5 months ago

    I was much surprised, a number of years ago, to find that there are some who get all upset by jack-o’-lanterns. Because all that business started out anciently with a huge turnip with a light of some sort inside it, which the pagan Celts did something or other with. For my money, this concern suggests that Satan’s minions have an awful lot of time on their hands which they squander in frivolous pursuits. Or something.

    Well, it’s not exactly news that most religions are preposterously self-important, and Judeo-Christianity is definitely in contention for the prize. I mean, does it make sense that a remarkable entity that created a trillion trillion suns and 1,400 species of bat would make a great big tsimmes over the contents of the human stomach?

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