First Jack Ohman for April 20, 2001

  1. Spock
    Spock  over 5 years ago

    Bush should remind us all, that we have only limited time on earth and should invest our time and energy into the right things. And I’m sure, when thinking about it hard enough, even the Nixons, the Bushs, the billionaires and the most representatives of the military-industrial complex would know what this means. Except for some (few) people being mentally incapable or really bad to the core. And if all the fundamentalists and misusers of religion would really believe in Jesus themselves, they wouldn’t do and say what they do and say. Hard to imagine that Jesus nowadays would join and approve of the NRA. The Tea Party. The MAGAs. The political hatespeakers. Or anybody who says (and means it) “America first”.

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